Choose The Perfect Summer Going Home Outfit For Your Baby

newborn summer going home outfits Summer is here and we’re all about the outdoors – the pool, the beach, the park – anywhere we can soak up some rays! But if you’re expecting a baby this summer, fun in the sun probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. You may be busy painting a nursery and packing your hospital bag instead of working on your tan this season, and that’s A-OK! But have you thought about what baby is going to wear home from the hospital? Picking out the right cuddly duds for your newborn can be complicated when it’s hot outside, so here are a few tips on dressing your newborn in the perfect going-home outfit for summer weather.

Light Layers Are Key

You don’t want to wrap a summer newborn in loads of fleece and overheat them, so go with light cotton layers. A cute decorated onesie is the perfect foundation for a going-home outfit. If you’re blasting the AC in your car, you might find that a light cotton cardigan over the onesie makes for the perfect addition.

No Pants? No Sweat!

If it’s over 80 degrees outside, your little one’s legs are fine left bare, but if you keep it cool in the car, a light muslin blanket (we love these from aden + anais) will fit the bill for adding some comfort. Of course, you could add in a cute pair of cotton or satin ruffled bloomers just to keep things chic! If you don’t feel good about taking a bare-legged baby home from the hospital, opt for cotton and a light, comfy pair of pants to go with that cute onesie.

Choose Headwear That Breathes

A snuggly hat looks darling on a newborn, but if you’re bringing home baby in the summer, make sure and choose a hat that breathes. Hats with a loose woven pattern like Kufi hats or even a cotton bonnet or sun hat made to protect babies when they’re outdoors are perfect for a ride home in an air-conditioned car in the summer time. Don’t want to do a hat? That’s fine, too! An adorable crochet or elastic headband with a matching flower hair clip makes for adorable headwear that won’t make her hot!

Made In The Shade

Babies don’t need to get a lot of sun – their skin is very thin and it should be protected even on a ride home in the car! Make sure their car seat shade or a window shade protects them from sunlight as they cruise home in their cute clothes.

Have you had a summer baby? What sort of outfit did you choose to bring him or her home in?

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