A Day in the Life of an 18-Month-Old

I wake up bright and early, full of energy for a new day. I can’t wait to see my two favorite people: Mommy and Daddy. My big brother also makes me smile. I stand up in my crib and call out to all of them, waiting for one of them to appear. Mommy comes into my room, smiling, but her eyes look tired. Sorry for keeping you up last night, Mommy, I think, although I can’t tell her. I just get so lonely in the middle of the night.

“How’s my favorite 18-month-old?” she asks me, arms outstretched. I smile and say “Up?” and she scoops me out of my crib and carries me to my changing table to change my diaper and get me dressed for the day.

“Would you like to wear your baby leg warmers today?” Mommy says. I smile at her. I remember going to the store with Mommy, and she saw they had leg warmers for babies. We picked out some pretty pink striped ones. I pointed to them and squealed when she showed them to me, so we were sold. I love pink.

Mommy puts the leg warmers and the rest of my clothes on and we head downstairs for some brekkie. That’s what Mommy calls it when we have cereal and milk. I love to sit in my high chair and eat my cereal as Mommy drinks her coffee and eats her cereal, too. Mommy and I have special time together in the morning. I kick my legs at her and see the pink stripes on my leg warmers. I point at my legs and squeal, just like I did in the store. Mommy grabs my chubby foot and kisses it. I love Mommy, and I love our time together.

After we eat, Mommy cleans up the kitchen and puts my dishes in the dishwasher. “What would you like to do today?” she asks me. I smile at her and clap my hands. She scoops me out of my chair, puts on our coats, and we head out the door.

Today, we have errands to do. We need to stop at a place called the dry cleaner and pick up Daddy’s shirts. The lady behind the counter smiles at me and says she likes my leg warmers. Mommy rubs my legs and kisses my cold cheek as we head back outside.

We do a few more errands. Now I’m too pooped to pop. Time for a nap. Mommy puts me in my crib, and I say “night night.” I’ll see her later.

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