3 Easy Fourth of July Party Recipes

fourth of july recipesSummer is sweltering, the sparklers are on deck and we’re ready to show our red, white, and blue this Independence Day! July 4th is a great day for celebrating country and family – and what better way to do it than with some delicious, decorative food? We’ve put the blogosphere to the test and it delivered with some patriotic dishes that not only look gorgeous but will make your taste buds pop like a fireworks display!

Fruit and Cheese Flag

What’s more patriotic than Old Glory herself? Our nation’s flag is iconic, to say the least – and in this case, it’s tasty, too! For this simply scrumptious patriotic dish we found at Wenderly.com, layer diced watermelon to represent the flag’s red stripes with diced feta cheese (or a white cheese of your choice) for the white stripes and add a square dish of blueberries for the blue section. Ta-da! A treat that’s pleasing to the eye and the palate, not to mention healthy!

Red, White, and Cool

We love, love, love this cool and easy idea from Jenny Cookies – red, white and blue drinks in glass coolers. What a pretty way to be patriotic and stay hydrated. Simply mix up your favorite types of punch in the proper flavors or use food coloring to tint your drinks of choice red and blue and use cool, crystal clear water as your  white.  Classy, chilly, and gorgeous!

Berry Patriotic

These dressed-up strawberries are about the cutest and most patriotic treats we found on our festive food search – and SO easy! Author Laura Stec filled hers with a fancy cream cheese, but this dessert can be as simple as scooping out the strawberry’s stem, plopping on a tasty dollop of whipped cream from a can, and crowning it with a blueberry. These berries are a true bite-sized celebration just by themselves.

Hungry? We are, and we’re ready to party and give thanks for the United States! Are you ready to celebrate Independence Day in a big and flavorful way? What big plans do you have for the Fourth, and what are some of your Fourth favorites?

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