Accessorize to Create the Best Fourth-of-July Photo Opportunities

Fourth of July mini shoots can be a lucrative way for photographers to get some income flowing in the summer months between the popular spring and fall seasons, yet many photographers know the challenge of shooting star-studded children who are decked out in highly contrasting red, white and blue stripes.

The different colors and tones can make finding the right settings for a clear photograph a challenge. Plus, if the outfit is too colorful, it becomes the focus of the image, instead of the child you are shooting. All of those stars and stripes can detract from the child’s face, which isn’t want you want. Yet part of the fun of a Fourth of July shoot is the chance to get decked out in red, white and blue. What’s the solution to this?

The answer is to accessorize. Instead of focusing the shoot on the outfit, focus it on the child’s face by adding a crocheted girl’s headband or bow that celebrates the Fourth, all while keeping the outfit simple. After all, who can resist a charming babe with an over-the-top red, white and blue bow on her head?

Some parents are not going to be satisfied with just headbands or bows. For these parents, a custom made baby romper, ruffled bloomers or patriotic leg warmers are ideal. You can add the colors of the holiday while controlling the overall look of the shoot if you have some of these in your possession.

Now, what about the boys? Keep it simple with the little boys by dressing them in jeans and a solid colored top. If you need to accessorize, a simple beenie or cap will do the trick. Then, give him a flag or red, white and blue pinwheel to hold. The key is to keep the red, white and blue as a highlight in the picture, not the focal point.

These ideas are great, but how can you encourage compliance from your clients? You can’t realistically expect all of your clients to go out and buy these accessories, although some will. If you want to keep a uniform look of the images in your mini sessions, consider purchasing a handful of items of your own to keep on hand. Then, instruct your clients to focus on solid colors for their outfits, and you will offer the accessories to make the images amazing.

Remember, any time you are photographing children, you want them, not their outfits, to be the focal point. Adding headbands and bows to draw attention to the child’s face will do this, and you can ensure that this happens by having your own little stock. With Girls Crochet Headbands, you can do this quite affordably.

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