How to Style Your Little Girl’s Hair

When my little girl’s hair gets too long, especially in the front, the temptation presents itself to grab a pair of scissors and give her a homemade haircut. She was born with a gorgeous, full head of hair, and while it is lovely to look at, it can be unmanageable. So how do I keep those out-of-control bangs off her pretty face so we can see it?

Fortunately, you can find a great selection of stylish, affordable baby girl headbands, such as flower headbands, in a variety of colors and styles that are a quick and easy way to style your little girl’s hair and keep it off her face. These baby headbands can add some flair to your daughter’s look.

Headbands for babies aren’t the only option, of course. If her hair is long enough, you could sweep it back in a ponytail or pigtails for a classic, adorable look. You could also put her hair back in baby barrettes. The disadvantage here, of course, is depending on her age, your baby girl can pull the hair elastics or barrettes out of her hair, hurting herself and creating a choking hazard. Also, headbands are much easier to remove when needed if you (or she) want to let her hair hang free during the day.

Baby girl headbands come in a multitude of colors and styles, to match specific outfits and with different themes. These cute, trendy accessories can be crocheted, sport bows or flowers, or be a simple strip of color. In the morning, brush your baby’s hair back and put on one of these great pieces for an instant pop of color and style while keeping your little one’s hair tamed and off her face. A great headband in a beautiful color and style is a conversation starter and compliment magnet when you’re out and about with your little girl, too.

Another nice thing about headbands for babies is that they work with different styles and textures of hair. Some children have thick, unruly tresses, while other little girls have thinner hair that can be equally hard to tame and style. Both types of hair, and everything in between, can be managed with headbands.

So next time my little pumpkin wakes up with her trademark bed head, I think I’ll reach for a headband. She’ll look cute, the hair will stay off her face, and she’ll be able to take it off easily (which can be a good or bad thing).

Have a great (hair) day!

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