Six Ways to Organize Baby Hair Accessories

As moms of little girls, we know just how quickly those adorable hair accessories multiply and when you have a barrette or headband for every single occasion, it’s difficult to find the one you want–when you want it–if they’re all just stuffed in a basket or tossed in a dresser drawer. Here are six creative ways to keep hair accessories for girls better organized:

1. Make Room for Muffin Tins- Hit up a dollar store, resale shop or garage sale to find muffin tins to house hair accessories for girls. Regular size tins can be used for larger bows and headbands, while the mini muffin tins work great for tiny clips. Stack them and store away in a dresser drawer, or leave them on the dresser for easy access.

2. Get Crafty- Another way to keep small barrettes, clips and pony tail holders tidy is to put them in those clear plastic divided boxes that are used for organizing the floss for cross stitching. Divide the hair accessories by color or type, and label the outside accordingly, so you can find what you’re looking for in just seconds.

3. Revamp Your Bulletin Board- We’ve all eyed those cute, albeit pricey, jewelry and hair accessory organizer boards that hang on the wall, and thought that they’d be easy to DIY. Turns out, they are–and you can make it to your exact specifications. Take an old bulletin board or piece of wood, glue some batting to the front and then cover it tightly with a piece of fabric that fits in with the room’s decor. Then add a few pieces of coordinating ribbon so that barrettes can be clipped on to the ribbon. Hang it as is, or place a picture frame around it for added interest.

4. Hang Them Up- Pick up an over-the-door shoe organizer with see-through pockets and house your baby’s hair accessories in there. Arrange them according the the rainbow for a fun addition to your child’s room.

5. Repurpose Old Coat Hooks-These work great for hanging headbands on since the pegs are usually several inches long and you can get the headbands on and off quite easily. Just paint the coat hook to fit in with the room’s color scheme, or hang it in the closet if there’s not enough space on the walls in the room.

6. Make Use of Those Baby Food Jars- Even if your house isn’t overflowing with those tiny glass jars, you probably know someone who has a few empty jars to spare. Take as many as you need, paint the caps and fill them up with your daughter’s hair clips and barrettes. If space is tight, screw the lids to the bottom of a shelf so that the jars hang under the shelf, and you just unscrew the jar to remove the baby hair accessories. Try one today so you never again waste precious minutes hunting for the perfect bow when you’re already running late.

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