The Silliest Baby Shower Games You Will Never Forget

baby cake portraitAh, the baby shower. A time for family and friends to gather, eat delicious food, and play silly games to celebrate the impending arrival of one of the world’s true miracles. However, if you are in charge of throwing the baby shower, coming up with baby shower ideas can be daunting. You want it to be sufficiently respectable so your pregnant friend feels honored, but you also want it to be fun and memorable for the guests. Because the last thing you want is anyone getting bored. Luckily for you, we have gathered up three of our favorite baby shower games that will have the entire room laughing.

Sniff My Poopy Diaper

If there is one thing precious little babies are known for it is producing poopy diapers. Not just poopy diapers, but explosive, how-did-this-come-out-of-that poopy diapers. In this baby shower game, you can honor this infamous baby byproduct by filling diapers with melted candy bars. Purchase several different types of chocolate candy bars, use the microwave to melt a piece of each one in a separate numbered diaper, and have each guest inspect the “poop” to figure out which candy is in each diaper.

Eat Like a Baby

Take your guests back to the good ol’ carefree days of being a baby by having them participate in one of our favorite baby shower games. Buy several different kinds of baby food and remove all of the labels. Have each guest take a bite from each jar, writing down what they think they are eating. This game will have some guests grimacing (but most of them laughing) as they try to distinguish between sweet potatoes and carrots. Who knew it could be so hard?

Drink Up

Rounding out our hilarious baby shower ideas is a simple game that will be hard to get through without roaring laughter. The idea is simple, fill up some basic baby bottles with a beverage of choice (juice, water, or even wine coolers, if it’s that kind of baby shower) and see who can drink theirs first. Watching your loved ones slurp from a baby bottle is bound to be one of your favorite moments of the day.

When coming up with baby shower ideas, the important thing to remember is that everyone is there to celebrate the arrival of a precious little baby. As long as you choose baby shower games that stick to this theme, your guests are sure to have a great time. With you as a host, how could they not?


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