5 Beauty Tips and Tricks for Fabulous Mom and Baby Photos

When it’s photo time for mom and baby, a few beauty tips and tricks can go a long way toward ensuring our photos are absolutely fabulous. Check out some tips that can help whether we’re behind the camera taking the photos or in front of them smiling for it.

Photography Tips and Tricks

Mind the light. Lighting is probably the No. 1 way to enhance or totally mess up a photo. Natural light is our best friend while glaring flashbulbs and headache-inducing florescent lights are our worst enemy. The Olympus blog suggests using natural light indoors by sitting near a window or an open door that lets in a soft stream of sun.

Set the stage. The photo background matters, as do the outfits we choose for ourselves and our babies. Paying acute attention to anything behind the main subject ensures we’re not stuck with a photo of gnarled up extension cords or the cat’s litter box. Clean, simple backgrounds work best. Outfits that match too precisely can look way too 1970s, but we can go for clothes in the same color family or that share similar hues. Adding fun accessories can add another level of interest and color.

Click, click and then click some more. Taking loads of shots increase the odds of getting a spectacular one, especially if the subject is engaged in an activity. Catching people in their natural state doing whatever they may be doing typically makes for better photos than them standing stiffly and pulling their mouth into a fake smile. Whether it be distress, surprise or extreme glee, the emotions on our toddler’s or baby’s face can be worth way more than 1,000 words.

Makeup Tips and Tricks

Make it matte. Forgo glittery, shimmery or sparkly makeup that can make the light reflect strangely off the face. All Women’s Talk says matte makeup is the way to go, with flat colors that let the natural light fall where it may, not make us look like an oil slick.

Apply it naturally. The natural concept comes into play again, this time with natural-looking makeup and again with the natural lighting for applying that makeup. Choose subtle shades of makeup that enhance your best features. Apply that makeup in natural lighting so you’re not shocked when you walk away from the artificial light of the makeup mirror. One final and very important tip comes from ClickinMoms.com:

Be sure to start with a clean and moisturized face; nothing is prettier than beautiful skin!

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