Delicious and Easy Hungry Girls Recipes for Your Little One’s Party

When it comes time to plan your little girl’s birthday party, you obsess over every detail. You want the perfect decorations, the perfect party bags, and, of course, the perfect food. After all, your little girl will only turn <fill in the blank> once! After you have decided on a theme, the decorations and activities usually fall into place, which leaves you stuck with trying to figure out the menu. You want to choose foods that the little kids will love, but you also don’t want the parents at the party to starve.

That’s where the Hungry Girls recipes come in.

The Hungry Girls recipes are known for being really easy so you can make them without too much trouble. What’s more, even the Hungry Girls dessert recipes are known for being low calorie, so your guests of all ages can enjoy everything you serve guilt-free. Here is a small sampling of the Hungry Girls recipes so you can see what we mean.

Guilt-Free Grilled Cheese


You probably know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, and this recipe follows the same basic instructions. The big difference is that all of the ingredients are low fat, and the creamy cheese spread makes it ultra delectable. Check out the full Hungry Girls recipe here. Once you have made up the sandwiches, you can cut them into quarters and pile them on a platter. You can even make these a little bit ahead of time because they taste delicious at room temperature. Just make sure not to cover them while they are hot or you will end up with soggy sandwiches.

Fat-Free Fries


What would grilled cheese be without fries? Well, not nearly as tasty. But instead of traditional french fries, you should try out some butternut squash fries. The instructions are simple and the result is delicious. Here’s the complete Hungry Girls recipe. Plus, they are low calorie and packed with protein and fiber. Healthy food that the kids will love; everyone will be happy about that. To serve them, create cute cones out of pink cardstock and include small ketchup cups for dipping.

Mouthwatering Brownie Muffins

All of the Hungry Girls dessert recipes are creative, but this one is especially sneaky. By mixing a cake mix and canned pumpkin, you have a super easy dessert option that also provides some vitamins, protein, and fiber. Here’s the full scoop on how to make them. To ensure they are kid-friendly, opt for mini muffins. Finish them obrowniesff with a decorative cupcake topper that fits in with your theme.

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