Fun Girls Arts and Crafts Projects That Even Your Toddler Can Do

Art projects for girls are a great way to keep your daughter entertained during the day. Not only will she have a fun time creating her own works of art, she will also savor the bonding time with you. Since toddlers are still developing their fine motor skills, not all girls arts and crafts projects are suitable for them. However, we have gathered up some of our favorite art projects for girls that your little one is sure to love.



Noodle Necklace

What little girl doesn’t love wearing mommy’s jewelry? Emulate your daughter’s favorite piece with this fun girls arts and crafts idea. To start, you need to gather up a variety of noodles. The best place to get just a few of each different shape is the bulk food section of your grocery store. Next, have your daughter paint the noodles with her favorite colors by dipping them in nontoxic paint. Once the noodles dry, string them together to create the perfect necklace that your daughter will be proud to wear. Parents Magazine even suggests creating a pendant to really make the necklace look like yours.

Edible Finger Paints

Painting is a fun art project for anyone, but since your toddler probably doesn’t have the fine motor skills to use an actual paintbrush yet, finger paints are a great option. You can either make edible finger paints using the recipe from The Imagination Tree (it’s essentially Jell-O powder and water), or you can simply add a little food coloring to some cups of vanilla pudding. Whatever route you choose, your daughter will get to explore with both touch and taste as she creates a work of art.

Paper Collage

If there is one thing acollagell little girls love to do, it is tear up paper. Can you blame them? It really ispretty fun. With this girls arts and crafts project, you can put your daughter’s paper-tearing skills to good use. To begin, you need a sturdy piece of cardstock to serve as the background. Help your daughter draw a design that she would like to create. To keep it simple, you could simply do a square, inside of a triangle, inside of a circle, like they do at LilSugar. Next, have your little girl tear up construction paper (or even pictures from magazines) into small, nickel-size pieces. Spread glue on the main paper, one small section at a time, and have your daughter place the torn paper accordingly. Before you know it, she will have a work of art that is worthy of a frame.

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