Secrets of the Fiercest Fashionistas: Low Cost, High Fashion Fun for Baby Girls

You don’t have to be a material mama to make a big statement with your baby girls clothes. In fact, the fiercest fashionistas share a sartorial secret: creating a great look for your favorite girl doesn’t mean maxing out your credit card or draining her college fund. Here are some great tips to keep in mind when dressing your darling diva for high fashion, low-cost

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The Mom Connection

Many smart, style-seeking moms have been frustrated by their own experiences while shopping for wallet-friendly newborn baby girl clothing. Unwilling to settle, they started their own baby girls clothing and accessories lines to help other moms avoid the same struggles . From adorable rompers to gorgeous headbands to sassy swimsuits and so much more, Girls Crochet Headbands, a family-owned business, offers a well-cultivated selection of unique and affordable baby girls clothes. By seeking out inspired lines like Girls Crochet Headbands, you take advantage of the collective wisdom of moms who are just like you.

One and Done

While we love a head-to-toe ensemble as much as the next person, it is possible to achieve a chic look by integrating just one amazing piece into her wardrobe. By choosing a unique hat, tutu top or any other eye-catching design, you can help show off your little girl’s precious individuality without breaking the bank. If you are still set on the whole outfit, but can’t afford it right now, build it piece-by-piece over time. Or, you can take advantage of a trick shared by moms and photographers alike: invest in a money-saving package deal!

Turquoise Big Ribbon Bow

Delightful Details

Savvy stylists know that the right shoes, bags and other accessories can make the whole look. While your petite princess may not be ready for a Birkin of her own, she sure can work a cute pair of shoes. From ballet flat crib shoes to booties to barefoot sandals in a rainbow of colors, options abound for her perfect piggies. Hair bows also fall into this category and can help achieve a polished look–from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

Feel Good, Look Good

We have all suffered through clothing that fits poorly or is made of itchy, irritating material. Multiply that times a million with her soft, sensitive skin, and the importance of choosing fuss-free, comfortable clothes becomes obvious. Looking good means feeling good–particularly when it comes to cute baby girl clothing.

Having a daughter is a little bit like dressing the ultimate Barbie doll: they look good in anything. But you don’t have to actually have Barbie’s bank account (have you seen that Dreamhouse?) to dress your daughter like you do. Remember they grow up fast, so enjoy it while you can: it’s only a matter of time before she insists on choosing her own clothes…and dressing exclusively in black.

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