Top Five Girls Fashions for Fall 2013

With fall just around the corner, our thoughts are turning towards the girls fashions which are going to be hitting the stores in the coming weeks. Among some of the top little girls fashions that you’ll find in stores this fall are:

Pink Lace Leggings


Pastels- No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, those are pastels that you’re seeing as the kids head back to school. Those soft colors that we usually associate with spring and Easter are sticking around longer this year. While you might be tempted to believe you’re stuck in a Groundhog Day scenario, the sweaters, leggings and coats in light pinks, purples, blues and greens will remind you that they are indeed a fall fashion.

Short Skirts-This fall, skirts are staying short and are available in bold colors, checks and plaids, making it difficult to decide which print you’re going to buy for your princess. Choose skirts in longer lengths to keep the outfit on the modest side, and pair it with tights, leg warmers or knee socks to keep her legs warm on cool fall days.

Collared White Shirts- A crisp, clean button-down white shirt–long or short sleeved–is a must have this fall. It’s hard to go wrong when pairing a white shirt with any of this seasons other fashions for girls, and they look adorable with patterned skirts and jumpers. On chilly days, wear the shirt under a sweater for a preppy look or layer it with a cardigan for those days that start out cool and end up hot.

Knee Socks and Leg Warmers- Any little girls fashions for fall can be completed with a pair of knee socks or leg warmers in a complementary color or pattern. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of a basic, solid-colored pair, in cotton or lace, but brightly colored leg warmers with fun patterns, like animal prints, ballet slippers or polka dots go great with solid-colored skirts and dresses.

red girls tutu skirtClothing with Details- Gone are the days when babies were put in the ubiquitous onsie. Give her outfit some character by putting a ruffled bloomer over your daughter’s diaper, or let her be a ballerina for a day by letting her wear a tutu over her tights or leggings. Many of these fashions for girls can be mixed and matched to suit your daughter’s personality, or add some girly accessories like hair bows, flower clips or hats to complete her outfit.

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