Don’t Miss Out On Family Fun This Fall

familyfunautumnThe crisp air, color changing and falling leaves of autumn make it the perfect season for you and your family to spend time playing family games together outside.

Family Game Ideas for Fall

Many families visit their local apple orchard to pick apples. This is a great tradition that can be turned into a game by seeing who can find the largest apple. Well, you can make an alphabet apple tree in your yard that your little ones can pick apples from! This game is best for children ages 4to 7.

Alphabet Apple Tree

You can purchase or create apple cutouts. You need pipe cleaners to attach the apples to your tree. Use a marker to write a letter from the alphabet on each apple (capital and small). Attach your alphabet apples to the tree. There are several versions of this game that you can play.

For both younger and older children:

  • Have them find the letters of the alphabet in order
  • Have them choose a letter and tell you what letter it is and the sound it makes

For older children:

  • Once they have gathered all the letters from the tree, give them each five minutes to make words. Whoever makes the most words within five minutes wins. *Each child needs a full set of letters for this game.

Miniature Golf – Pumpkin Style

Carving pumpkins is another fall activity that many families enjoy together. Why not take those beautifully crafted pumpkins and create your own golf course?

This game is easy to create. You will need a golf set for children and some pieces of cardboard to use as ‘ramps.’ Place the pumpkins throughout your yard. While all the pumpkins will need their own ramp, you can create various levels by putting a pumpkin on a stoop with a longer cardboard ramp. With this game of golf, the higher your score the better.

Each pumpkin must be assigned its own worth. Each child is given three attempts at completing a pumpkin. If unable to complete, his score is zero for that pumpkin. The golfer with the most points at the end of the course wins.

Visit a Renaissance Fair

Renaissance Fairs are great family fun. You can choose to dress in period clothes, making the experience even more memorable. Numerous family games are available at Renaissance fairs. Family members can test their hatchet skills or shoot a bow and arrow. It is harder than it looks. Therefore, if you hit the tree with the hatchet or the target with the arrow, you are a winner!

Largest Pile of Leaves Wins

One of the best things to do on a crisp, fall morning is rake the leaves in your yard. While it enhances the yard, jumping into the leaves is a great payoff for all that work. You can make this ‘chore’ a game by having a contest to see who can make the largest/highest pile of leaves. Remember to have your camera ready when they start jumping into their piles of leaves.

These are just a few family game ideas. Make fall fun for the whole family this year by creating some of your own games to play for families.

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