Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Sharing Makes it Special


When it comes to happy times to share with friends and loved ones, I think that baby showers are right there at the top of the list. Getting together to celebrate and anticipate the arrival of a new little one is a really special time to share with others. Whether it is the first child or another addition, the mother-to-be is the center of attention and can forget about the challenges pregnancy brings.

While gifts are an integral part of a baby shower, the real enjoyment comes from sharing together one of the miraculous events in life. Of course, that makes baby shower gifts all the more important because we want to show that we really care and have invested time in showing it. I know if you are like me, more than any almost any other occasion I want to give the best baby shower gifts I can find. Because of that, I now spend my time looking for creative baby shower gifts, especially unique and one-of-a-kinds.

Hunting for the Special Gift

Thankfully, the search for unique baby shower gifts is not limited to me. A huge industry serves this niche in small boutiques, online and through a large number of specialty vendors. That provides all of us with a lot of options and a fun time finding just the right item for the next shower. If you use a search engine, you will spend hours “oohing” and “ahhing” over the many precious and creative baby shower gifts.

The categories of gifts to choose among range from clothing to toys to personalized items and beyond. I always try to make sure there is a functional aspect to what is chosen and that still leaves an almost endless selection from which to select. When the prospective mother finds a use for what I give her, it really pleases me.

How to Choose?

I just recently picked some favorites for future showers. One of the most practical is some monthly onesies from Who Arted? These are 12 practical onesies decorated with the numerals for the first 12 months after birth. I have also fallen in love with all the recordable books and cards, like the ones that also come from Who Arted? My last browsing session produced a great idea. It especially appeals to me because it is personalized. The concept is to string a series of clothes and small toys on a clothesline and put it in a basket. At the shower, the mom-to-be pulls the line out, slowly revealing each item. I think it’s a hoot.

Gotta’ go. Can’t wait till the next shower.

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