How to Survive Travel with Kids

roadtrip“Are we there yet?”

Those four words are the most spoken on a road trip or aboard an airplane with kids in tow. Yes, traveling with kids can be aggravating at times. Children have shorter attention spans than adults and need to be entertained and engaged, not to mention active. Needless to say, travel with kids might take a little more creative planning and preparation.

How do you go about making plans for easier travel with kids? Plan to keep them busy.

Here’s a look at some travel activities for kids to help keep them active and engaged, and to help keep you sane!


Successful travel with kids begins long before you board a plane or load up the car. Pack surprise “goodie bags” that your kids don’t know about and use them as your secret weapon when you can tell they’re getting antsy. Include new, special toys, candy and books in these goodie bags that your kids haven’t seen or played with before. It’s bound to entertain and the surprise will feel like a special treat. If you’re on a particularly long road trip, consider packing multiple surprise gifts.


One surefire way to occupy children is to feed them. If you’re traveling by car, pack your child’s favorite foods to pull out when he or she’s getting hungry and you can’t afford to stop. If you’re traveling by air, consider stocking up on snacks at an airport convenience center, as you likely won’t be allowed past security with food items you brought from home.


It’s likely you’ll be bringing along a laptop or tablet. Use these to your advantage! Before you leave, download a few episodes of “Yo Gabba Gabba” onto your device and pull it out while you’re on the plane or deep into a road trip to keep your kids occupied and entertained. Be sure to have a full battery and some headphones for your little one to wear!

Turn Travel into a Game

One way to pass the miles – either by plane or by car – is to make traveling into a game. For instance, create a scavenger hunt before your trip. If you’re hitting the road, list attractions, road signs, restaurants and animals that your youngsters should be on the lookout for. If you’re traveling by air, list airport amenities, types of luggage, colors of planes and types of clouds. This keeps your kids on the lookout for items to they cross off their list.

Traveling with kids is a lot of work. But with a little bit of thought and preparation before the big trip, it can also be a lot of fun. Or at least reduce the amount of times you’ll hear those four dreaded words, “Are we there yet?”

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