How to Make Your Own Hair Accessories

Making your own hair accessories is a fun and practical way to dress up your daughter’s hair for pictures or special events. Here are a few hair accessory craft ideas to create the look you want.


Although ribbon is typically used as a bow or to wrap around ponytails, there are a few additional hair accessory ideas that utilize ribbon.

Buy inexpensive headbands or use ones that you already own and use a hot glue gun, or wet glue, to secure the ribbon in place as you wrap it around the headband. Add some sparkle by gluing decorative gems on top of the ribbon.

With a little glue, plain metal hair clips can be adorned with gems, bows or silk flowers. Simply glue the decoration to the top of the hair clip, ensuring the bottom is free to move and clip into place. This is an easy way to add bows without having to tie them into place. Just remember, a little glue goes a long way.

Make your own hair accessories at home with beads. Available in numerous sizes, colors and patterns, beads can complement any outfit or hair style. To start, buy a box of hair pins and crimp beads. The crimp beads will be used to hold the decorative beads in place. A pair of jewelry pliers will be needed to squeeze the crimp beads, securing them in place. Place one crimp bead on the hair pin, and then add a decorative bead or two and a second crimp bead. Squeeze both crimp beads to keep the decorative beads in place. This is an inexpensive method to recreate hair accessories that can be purchased in a store and they only take minutes to make! Pendants and other jewelry-making supplies can also be used for hair accessories when they are attached to a hair pin or clip.

Knitters and crocheters can find free patterns or create their own for unique headbands. Consider creating the headband with interchangeable flowers to increase versatility. When using yarn to make hair accessories, choose softer yarns to minimize friction against the hair that can lead to dryness, tangles and breakage. Many novelty yarns work well for hair accessories because they have unique textures such as fur, pom-poms or ribbon. Furthermore, endless combinations of solid or multi-colored yarns can be used.

Making hair accessories is an entertaining and functional project and a great starter project to get your daughter involved in crafting.

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