How to Dress Little Girls for Family Functions – Party Time!

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Dressing little girls for family functions requires picking out the right outfit and it can get complicated. Girls outfits for parties or family get-togethers must comply with the formality of the gathering, but also need to be selected with a child’s comfort in mind. Fortunately, girls’ party clothes offer a variety of options that make it easy to pick and choose based on the location and formality of the function.

Casual Clothes

I’ve found that a family gathering for a picnic or time in a local park provides the opportunity to dress my little girl in casual clothes. I usually select a simple dress or a pair of pants with a matching shirt for informal gatherings. If the function is taking place outdoors, then I plan her outfit around the activities she is likely to enjoy. From my experience, casual get-togethers will require an extra pair of clothes so that my little girl can enjoy playing in the sand, running around and playing with her cousins. Don’t forget the crochet headband to keep her hair away from the messes she’ll inevitably make!

Although casual gatherings provide the opportunity to dress down, holiday parties or formal functions do not have the same flexibility. Dressing little girls for semi-formal or formal occasions requires the right dress.

Semi-Formal Functions Hot Pink and Pastel Dot Swing Top  Bloomer 2 pc Set_B

Gatherings for holidays, such as Easter or Christmas, do not necessarily mean the family is planning on formal attire. A semi-formal dress is appropriate for most family gatherings because it has a similar appearance to a formal dress, but it is usually made with materials that are more comfortable for a toddler or young girl. Finding what to wear to family functions that are semi-formal is not challenging. Although dresses are a common option, I’ve found that a nice pair of slacks and a button-down shirt with a feminine print are appropriate. It can be difficult to find those items for your itty bitty ones and in this case try a swing top & bloomer combination. The two piece outfit has a cute dress-like look that gathers in the back to show off the bloomer.  The look is presentable for the semi-formal occasion and she’ll still be able to move around comfortably.   


Dressing Formally

girls lace leggings

Although formal family functions are not as common as informal and semi-formal gatherings, I have faced certain events that require formal attire. Events such as formal weddings, a Christening and a formal holiday party require a dress. I typically select a dress that is around knee-length or longer. Colors based on the event, such as a red dress for winter holiday parties or a pastel dress for Easter, are my favorites for a little girl. I pick out materials that are formal, such as velvet or silk, and avoid cotton or denim dresses, which are casual materials. If it’s a cold season, lace leggings can be the perfect item to tie together the outfit and keep their little legs warm!

Although girls outfits for parties are versatile and provide opportunities to select several options, the primary consideration is the formality of the function. A family function can require formal clothing, semi-formal outfits or casual attire, depending on the location and the reason for the event.

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