Girls, Crafts, And Hair Accessories: Mixing It Up

If you have girls in your life, you probably also have hair accessories and a lot of random craft supplies all over your house. You can easily combine a love for creating things with items you may already have at hand to make girl’s hairbows, and it doesn’t take a lot of extra supplies to make girl’s headbands or barrettes and find a special place to stash it all. There are many ideas for hair accessory storage and a lot depends on your home. One of the easier options is decorating an oatmeal box, putting hairbands around the outside and clips, etc. inside. This works until your collection needs more space.


Crafting special hair accessories with a child can be an easy, regular activity. First off, have a dedicated spot for any scraps that may have potential. This can be as simple as a shopping bag hung in a closet or an empty glass jar. Need some inspiration on what is possible? Pinterest has more ideas than you could possibly use, with additions every day. Be sure to look for “hair crafts for girls” and “DIY girl’s hairbows” and “DIY girl’s headbands” if you need more ideas. Your stash can have buttons you like, the solo earring you can’t find a match for, broken jewelry, scraps of lace and ribbon, and anything else that appeals to you.

hair accessories for mom

Now add to your potential collection by getting some base items to attach the pretty stuff to: headbands, flower clips, and hair bows are good places to start because the base is ready to be adorned with your personality and you don’t have to add the clips to it. You can also look around at the plain barrettes, bobby pins, and clips you may already have and decorate them. Think about what works in your girl’s hair, and what she likes to have as an accessory. There’s no point in making a beautiful lace bow that she will tear off when you could design a cute caterpillar she loves. That cute caterpillar is as easy as a line of pompoms glued to an old barrette with googly eyes attached. Easy peasy!

The method you use to attach your creations to the base depends on the age of your helper. Hot glue works, but is a bad idea for little fingers! Glue dots, glue in tubes, or even sewing can be within a child’s capability and the thrill of crafting with you makes a memory as well as a hair ornament. Putting a special button on a ready-made flower clip turns it into a keepsake.

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