5 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun


Baby showers have become not only a tradition for a mom-to-be, but a milestone of sorts. Her female friends and relatives will get together a party to celebrate the arrival of a new little bundle of joy. However, you might find yourself fretting about the future mommy’s idea of fun things to do at baby showers. Not everyone enjoys the traditional, cheesy shower games like “Guess How Big the Belly Is?” or “Baby Bingo!” Whether you are the mom-to-be or you are helping to plan a shower for a special woman in your life, these are five baby shower games your guests will truly enjoy.

5 Fun Baby Shower Games


  1. The Gender Reveal Game — If you are revealing whether you are having a boy or a girl at your shower, ask your guests to pick a side before you make the big announcement. Everyone who guesses correctly gets a small prize.
  2. Test Your Celebrity Baby Name Knowledge — Create a quiz with some of the most outrageous and well-known celebrity baby names (think North, Coco, Apple and Moroccan) and have them guess which celebrity they belong to. The person with the most correct answers wins a gift.
  3. Baby Bucket List — This is a sentimental game that is perfect for the mom-to-be who wants ideas on what to do during the next year. Each guest should give the new mom a suggestion for something fun, sweet or memorable to do during the baby’s first year. Ideas might include taking a photo every month with the same stuffed animal, or making a trip to a local park, beach or museum.
  4. Buzz-worthy Gifts — Set a timer while the guest of honor is opening her gifts. When the timer goes off, the person whose gift she is opening gets a prize.
  5. Can I Quote You? — Have a guest at the shower write down quotes from the new mom as she is opening her gifts. Then, read them aloud afterwards and say “These are examples of things she said on the night she conceived the baby.” People will roar with laughter as comments like “It’s so cute!” or “I’ve never seen anything this tiny!” are read out loud.

Deciding on the right baby shower games & gifts can seem overwhelming, but it’s not hard to find a unique way to have fun. Be open and honest about the atmosphere you want at your shower and execute it throughout the entire event. This will ensure it’s a day you won’t soon forget.


  1. Amy says

    I love the bucket list idea. I may have people do a similar game at her 1st birthday party. They can give suggestions of something we can do each year.

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