Crafts & Clothes – 10 Kids Clothing Ideas

While it’s never a bad idea to buy clothing and accessories you think would be perfect for your baby or toddler when you see it hanging in a display window or find it online, for some children’s wear it can be more fun and rewarding if you make it yourself, or better yet, allow your child to try their hands in kids craft ideas and clothing kids can make.

While sewing your own clothes can be intimidating, making clothes for your youngster is far easier because the final product is far smaller.

Children’s clothing can be just as extravagant as adult clothing, but some craft ideas are simple. The following 10 simple craft ideas are perfect for clothing your little prince or princess.

  • Summer Dress: A summer dress is wonderfully simple to make, is cool and comfortable for your little girl and you can pick from thousands of patterns.
  • Winter Hat: Winter hats are as simple as cutting the a piece of fleece into the correct patterns and sewing them together
  • Mittens: Mittens are popular with kids because they don’t have to try stuffing cold fingers into the right hole. Additionally, cutting and sewing the pieces is extremely easy. You can even make thumbless mittens because, as the Examiner explains, “they have no thumb hole to try to get those itty bitty thumbs into,” (1). You can also crochet the mittens if you’re so inclined.
  • Athletic and Decorative Headbands: Whether it’s for your little boy or your girl, head and hair bands look extremely cute.
  • Pajamas: The hardest part of making pajamas is doubling over the waist band and sewing it correctly so you can feed a draw string through. Other than that, pajamas are very simple to make.
  • Sling Bags: Sling bags function the same way a purse does, but they are much easier to make. With a long piece of nylon, some mess fabric and minimal sewing, you can make a sling bag that’s both stylish and functional.

Simple Accessories Kids Can Make

  • Lenseless Glasses: Popular among professional athletes, glasses without lenses not only give your kid style, they’re easy to make. They can bend plastic covered hangers or you can provide them with pipe cleaners and like the Wall Street Journal points out, they’re “no fog!” (2)
  • Bracelets with Trinkets: With small diameter string and a few different colors, children can weave or braid their own bracelets and add trinkets and bells.
  • Ornamental Barrettes: Little girls (and boys for that matter) love playing with glue. Transforming their ordinary barrettes into ornamental ones is both fun for them and a pretty addition to their hair.
  • Scarves: Maybe the easiest article of clothing to make of all, scarves are not only great for keeping your young one warm, they are also stylish and come in a variety of patterns. With a simple pair of pointless scissors, they can make whatever fashion statement they choose!

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