Best iPhone Apps for Girls

kids-with-iphoneSome of the best iPhone apps for girls are engaging and entertaining games that also offer fun ways to think and learn. There are tons of fun and cool iPhone apps for girls, along with apps for Android devices and even a few that are on the BlackBerry phone system too. Many of the casual game applications available are completely free, which can be a great thing for parents on a budget.

Princess Fairy Tale

Princess Fairy Tale is an excellent iPhone app for girls because it allows them to solve interactive puzzles. In so doing, they learn about the basics of logic and problem solving in an entertaining and unique way. Princess Fairy Tale allows girls to experience an interactive story through sequential puzzles that they need to solve. Feedback is given at the end of each puzzle, allowing children to think about how they are solving the puzzles and what they could do differently. The game is available for free on the App Store.

Sara Cooking

ABCSara Cooking is a detailed and engaging app that can show boys and girls alike some of the fun and engaging aspects of cooking. Players will learn how to create different dishes and desserts, progressing through the game by making the right choices. A lite version of the game is available for free. There are many cooking games available, but Sara Cooking is one of the few specifically intended for a younger audience.

Bakery Story


Bakery Story is a fun game in which girls can create and manage their own bakery. They progress by developing new recipes and keeping their clients satisfied. Girls will learn about ded

ication, resource management and even a little bit about budgeting with this fun and involved game. This is one of the top girl apps for Android phones, but it’s also available on the iPhone OS for use on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad. The game is entirely free, though premium items can be purchased.

Games don’t have to be specifically targeted toward girls to be enjoyable to them. Some other fun games that are great for children of all ages are Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja and AngryBirds. All of these are extremely popular, free games that will teach a child how to solve problems while making sure that they are entertained. These games are suitable for kids of all ages and some parents will enjoy playing them too.



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