Craft Shows & Crochet Headbands: Fabulous!

going out outfit for babyIf you’re a mom of a baby girl, or have one in your life, you know there is nothing more adorable than a sweet baby smile caught on camera. What makes these moments precious are the smiles you capture, but also how you accessorize the baby for the picture. Girls Crochet Headbands add the perfect touch of fashion and flair to your baby girl’s outfit.

Girls Crochet Headbands are available in every size from newborn up to toddler. They are stretchy enough to be worn as your little one grows, and come in a rainbow of beautiful colors. To add even more spice to your sugar, add a clip-on flower in a matching or contrasting color for a little extra “pop!” The way these headbands frame little faces creates a priceless look any mom would be proud to see on their little bundle of joy. Perfect for parties, photo shoots, special outings or even every day looks, these crochet headbands are a handmade accessory your little girl will not want to be without.

The best place to find and buy crochet headbands is the craft fairs and shows. If you’re looking for Girls Crochet Headbands, hit up the Ozark Craft Fair, which runs from Friday October 4th to Sunday October 6th 2013. Another popular craft show is by Sunshine Church this October 12th. We will also be at one of our favorites, the 16th Annual Greater Pittsburgh Arts & Crafts Holiday Spectacular from Friday November 22nd thru Sunday November 24th. It is a one-stop shop-till-you-drop holiday themed arts and crafts bonanza you will not want to miss!

At the craft fairs, you can expect to see an array of artisans and their wares. Many artists do free demonstrations at the craft shows so that you can see their craft in action. There are booths and tents for people to browse and compare; some people even bring their pets! Arts and crafts shows are family-friendly events that can be both educational and inspirational.

If you are curious about how to crochet headbands, stop by one of the craft booths and let our ladies show you how we make each one carefully by hand, and how they are made to last. You will be amazed at the craftsmanship and quality, not to mention the endless combinations of colors, styles and clip-on flowers these accessories can add to your little girls’ wardrobe.

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