One Basic Hair Bow Design Equals a Dozen Adorable Possibilities

Turquoise Big Ribbon BowAt one time or another, every mom with a baby girl has wondered how to make hair bows at home. Those adorable little ribbon rosettes, pom poms and button flowers are undeniably cute framing the smiling face of a little girl decked out in ruffles and lace.

Not surprisingly, hair bow crafts range in difficulty from incredibly easy to quite challenging. The simpler designs involve modest amounts of craft supplies such as a short length of ribbon, some hot glue and a pretty button. Then you have those over-the-top designs that would put the cast of Toddlers in Tiaras to shame. These hair bows for girls usually involve the use of specialty tools, such as a Bowdabra, acres of ribbon, pins, staples, glue and the unlimited patience of an inter-galactic Super-Mom.

But they’re so darned cute.

Follow these basic instructions to learn how to make a bow.

Simple Ribbon Rosette

  1. Stand a 16.9-oz water bottle on a piece of card stock and trace around the bottom. Cut out the circle.
  2. Use a stapler to attach the end of a 12-inch piece of narrow ribbon to the center of the paper circle.
  3. Gently twist the length of the ribbon into a tube shape.
  4. Dot the paper with one to two dots of hot glue. Place your thumb over the staple and begin wrapping the twisted ribbon in a spiral design on the paper, pressing it into the glue as you work.
  5. Add dots of hot glue to the paper as you go and continue to form the ribbon twist into a flat rosette on the paper.
  6. Allow the bow to dry completely and trim off the excess paper. Use needle and thread to sew a small button in the middle to cover the staple. Attach it firmly so it presents less of a choking hazard.
  7. Stitch a clip or barrette to the back.

Mixing It Up

Once you have mastered the basic ribbon rosette, you can build upon it for more intricate hair bow crafts:

  • Add elements such as a lace ruffle, streams of ribbons or beads.
  • Use a trim such as bric-a-brac in place of ribbon. In this case, you wouldn’t twist it.
  • Turn your rosette into a holiday bow by using ribbon in seasonal colors and exchanging the button for a pumpkin- or Santa-shaped charm or scrapbooking embellishment.
  • Clip your hair bow to a lace head band to heighten the cute factor.

Safety First

The most important factor to consider is to keep your hair bow as age appropriate as possible. When making bows for newborns, infants and toddlers, attach your decorations very firmly, use minimal accessories and keep a hawk eye on the baby when she’s wearing it.



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