From Princess to Whimsical Witch — Crafting the Versatile Tutu Dress

witchtutuThere’s no better way to make a girl feel like a princess than by dressing her up in yards of filmy tulle and shiny ribbons. But as a mom, once you price these colorful tutu creations at baby boutiques, the thrill of owning one for your tiniest tot can quickly dissipate. Tutu dresses, especially the extra-puffy ones, take a lot of tulle – translating into higher price tags at the cash register.

Save money by buying your own tulle in the fabric department of your local discount store and crafting your own version of a tutu dress.

How to Make a Tutu Dress

  1. Use a tape measure to record your child’s length from her armpits to her knees and add about two inches to allow for pouf.
  2. Measure around her chest and add 1/2 inch.
  3. Cut a piece of elastic ribbon to the chest measurement and stitch the ends together using a 1/4-inch seam.
  4. Cut your tulle into strips twice as long as the measurement you calculated for length. The width of the strips is negotiable. Make them wide enough that you won’t need a thousand strips yet narrow enough to work with easily. A 3-inch-wide strip works well.
  5. Loop your elastic band over a dressmaker’s dummy or a rolled towel to make it easier to work with.Shimmer Rose Purple
  6. Fold your first tulle strip in half, push it under the elastic band so the loop sticks out the top. Pull the ends of the tulle strip through the loop and position it so it lays flat against the elastic. Repeat with all the tulle strips until the elastic band is completely covered.
  7. Slip the tutu dress on your daughter and tie a wide, purple ribbon around the waist. This effectively separates the dress into a bodice and skirt.
  8. Clip a purple shimmer rose flower hair clip to the ribbon belt.
  9. Weave a ribbonthrough the front to tie the dress around your child’s neck.

Once you’ve mastered the basic process of making a tutu dress, you can utilize your skills to make a Halloween Tutu Dress Costume.

Halloween Costume Idea — Whimsical Tutu Witch

  1. Work in strips Candy Corn Flower with Candy Corn Resin_Bof orange, black and purple tulle when crafting the dress.
  2. Replace the purple waistband ribbon with ribbon in black or orange.
  3. Use a candy corn flower hair clip in place of the purple shimmer rose.
  4. Add a silk witch’s hat in orange, purple or black, and give your whimsical witch a toy broom to carry along on hertrick or treat travels.

** Just in case you’re not quite the crafting type…the image of the tutu dress above is available through Etsy from TreasuredTutu.




Lead image from TreasuredTutu

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