Adorbs Halloween Costumes From Infant Petti Rompers

Halloween was never this precious.

The ultimate in too-cute comfort, jumpsuits and rompers make up the foundation of most Halloween costumes for the infant-to-toddler age group. They’re comfortable, roomy and easy to adapt to almost any theme, and when you make them from frilly lace, Halloween quickly goes from dreadful to darling.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make an infant lace romper, the technique couldn’t be easier. Even a novice seamstress can easily stitch a lace romper – sometimes called a petti romper – together in the wink of a black cat’s eye.

Lace Rompers Baby Tutorial (Petti Romper)Lace Romper Deep Pink

  1. Use a tape measure to take the baby’s measurements around her chest, and from her chest to her knees.
  2. Purchase one yard of cascading ruffled fabric and cut it to the correct dimensions with the ruffles running horizontally across the fabric. Add one inch to the length to allow for a top and bottom hem.
  3. Fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and pin it in place. Stitch together using a standard 1/4-inch seam. Stop sewing about 3 to 4 inches from the end. This will allow for legs. Back tack to hold the seam.
  4. Rearrange the romper so that the sewed seam runs down the front. Carefully center the un-sewn slit and use scissors to cut a matching 3- to 4-inch slit through the fabric behind it. Pin into place and sew the leg seams.
  5. Finish your raw edges using a 1/4-inch hem.
  6. Stitch a piece of elastic along the top and add spaghetti straps to hold the romper in place.

Once you’ve mastered the art of making lace rompers for your baby girl, it’s time to turn your creation into a too-cute costume.

Sunflower Cutie Costume

  1. Dress your babKelly Kiwiy girl in a green petti romper. Her body will be the sunflower’s stem.
  2. Add a pairof brown leg warmers — her legs are the sunflower’s roots.
  3. Slip on an orange crochet headband.
  4. Add one Kiwi Kelly Flower Hair Clip to the headband.
  5. Add two Orange Carolyn Flower Hair Clips to the headband — one on either side of the Kiwi Kelly to make the bloom. There never was a cuter flower in all the field.

Cuddly Black Kitty Costume

  1. Kufi BlackDress baby in a black petti romper to make the kitten’s body.
  2. Add black lace ruffle leg warmers.
  3. Stitch a pair of black felt ears onto a black kufi hat.
  4. Use non-toxic, washable marker to draw a nose and whiskers on baby’s face to make a black cat everyone will just want to cuddle.


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