Crafting Your Own Unique Headband

How to Make Baby Girl Headbands

There are many creative and unique ways on how to make baby girl headbands, most of which require little or no sewing.  All you need to start is to choose your colors.  Here are three fresh ideas on headband styles for your little girl.


braidedheadbandBraided Headband

A braided headband can be made from ribbon, elastic cord or even strips of your favorite fabric. I like the strips of fabric idea since you can make a headband to exactly match an outfit. There are many ways to braid, too, from the traditional three piece braid to the more complicated macramé, military braid or Celtic knot braids, depending on your level of expertise. For more ideas on different styles of braids, head on over to Pinterest and do a search on “craft braids.” Once you’re measured your baby’s head, you will know how long the braid needs to be. Finish the braid, leaving enough at the ends to sew each end securely. After the ends are secure, sew a piece of elastic between the two ends to complete the circle. The braid plus added elastic should equal your baby’s head measurement.



Wide silk ribbons tied in a bow are a darling idea for a baby’s headband. But tying the bow each time can leave creases in the ribbon.  Instead of tying a new ribbon each time, take a length of ribbon, tie the perfect bow and stitch the back of the bow to secure it. With the loose ends, measure your baby’s head and mark where they need to meet. I would do a quick stitch across the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying. Then add either an elastic band or Velcro at the ends of the ribbon to secure it at the back of the baby’s head.


Crochet Headbands


Crochet Headbands are probably the most popular of baby accessories. There are many ways to incorporate crochet into this project, from simple to elaborate.  Thesimplest idea is to crochet a flower and attach it to a micro-thin piece of elastic. These are very popular with newborn babies, as their heads are so tiny. More elaborate projects include a crochet band with a crochet flower or bow attached. Some of the most precious baby headbands are those made with soft silk yarn or fleece made from mohair or cashmere. Angora comes from the hair of Angora rabbits and is very gentle on baby’s skin; it also produces a beautiful headband that looks and feels buttery soft.


No matter which level of crafter you consider yourself to be, there are many ways for each of us to create sweet little headbands for our baby girls. For more instructions on how to make these headbands and more, try looking at Pinterest, Etsy and YouTube for ideas and how-to tutorials. You can also check out The Crafty Scientist for a tutorial on the ribbon headbands and Skip to my Lou for the flower crochet pattern.





Top Image from darling clementine, Middle Image from The Crafty Scientist, Bottom Image from Skip to my Lou 


  1. Sarah says

    Thanks for the ideas. I may have to pick up crocheting to make those beautiful flowers for headbands for my daughter. She already has a collection if y’all’s items and she just turned 2.

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