5 Free Apps That Help You Craft

addicted to instagramWhen it comes to crafting and technology, the two don’t often meet. However, lately with the onslaught of apps for smartphones and tablets, there are many apps that help you craft as well as apps that help save money.  One of the primary reasons people craft things themselves is to either save or earn money selling what they make. These five free apps will help you on your way to finding fresh ideas and how-to instructions when it comes to crafting.



YouTube is possibly the best resource when it comes to how-to videos on how to make just about anything. My personal favorite is a collection of videos by the artist Suzi Blu.  Her YouTube channel is called SuziBluTube and she instructs via video how to make your own art journals using common materials. She also has videos on how to paint mixed-media dolls on paper as well as wood.  These videos are 100% free; however, Suzi also runs an online art school called La Petit Academy if you choose to go deeper and those online classes cost approximately $40-$60 for a six-week course. As Suzi says, “never let anyone tell you you’re not an artist. You are.”

2. Crafty Gemini

This app called Crafty Gemini is for smartphones and tablets and was created by Vanessa Wilson. It is a collection of tutorials on everything from making no-sew finger puppets for kids to modern quilting techniques to how to make flour tortillas.  This girl is crafty! The app is free.

3.Craft Manual

Another free app for smartphones and tablets, Craft Manual was designed by Vijay K and mainly focuses on crochet projects to make and sell. It starts with an introduction then straight into a list of products to create.  It even has a guide to pricing and selling your products, a solution to a problem many artisans have when creating products to sell. Some of the projects include how to make a heart sachet, a whisk broom holder, a square sachet and crocheted pin cushions.  Great for any level of crochet from beginner to advanced.

4.Origami Craft Paper Art

Origami Craft Paper Art was created by Neat Apps and is free.  It is a collection of step-by-step tutorials on how to fold paper into shapes like a bunny, a tree, a liberty crown and a very cute way to fold a dollar bill into the shape of a shirt!  This is fun and easy-to-follow Origami, and great for kids!

5. Arts and Crafts Coupons

Another smartphone/tablet app that is completely free, this is strictly a coupon source for all your favorite arts and crafts retailers.  Included in the list are JoAnn’s Fabrics, OrientalTradingCo.com, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Dick Blick and Hancock fabrics, just to name a few!  This app is up-to-date on current sales and discount codes, too. If you craft and like to save money (who doesn’t?), then this free app is for you.

Anyone who likes to craft and is looking for new and creative ideas to make, sell and save money on their crafts is bound to appreciate these five free apps.  There are many more to choose from; simply type “craft” into your smartphone or tablet app store and see for yourself! You will be amazed at the resources that are available to us through technology. Happy crafting!

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