Game Day: Football Themed Headbands

footballreadyWhat is more fun than dressing up for game day?  If you are a die-hard sports fan, chances are your wardrobe is filled with items bearing your favorite teams’ colors.  And if you have children, they are likely decked out, too.  When it comes to little girls, headbands made to match the team jerseys are very popular and easy to make, with team color flower clips and bows.



Making One At Home:

The headband can either be a generic black or white, with an interchangeable flower clip, or made solid like a crochet headband with the flower incorporated.  If you are making your own team color football flower clip, here are some easy steps to follow:

  1. Buy craft flowers or make your own in two to three team colors.
  2. Disassemble them, then reassemble, alternating size and colored petals.
  3. Start with the largest petal and start stacking, largest to smallest, alternating colors. Hot glue the petals in the center as you go.
  4. When you get to the center, add a large rhinestone, either clear or in one of the team colors to the middle.
  5. When the flower or bow is complete, either hot glue or hand-sew it to the metal clip.
  6. Clip your creation to the headband!

Another cute idea for football season is to make a miniature football Mum as a clip-on for the headbands. Remember the Mums at homecoming, with our favorite player’s number in the middle and all the ribbons and charms?  Make a miniature one for a headband. Here’s how:

  1. From the Floral Department, find a small silk or synthetic Mum
  2. Clip the stem but leave enough to make a small hook onto which you will sew the metal clip. I suggest taking some floral tape and taping the end in case there is wire inside; this will prevent any accidental scratches.
  3. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s Fabric all carry football ribbon and charms for Football Mums. Find ribbon, a charm or two and some pipe cleaners.
  4. With hot glue or hand sewing, attach short pieces of ribbon to each side of the Mum onthe back side.
  5. Hot glue a football charm (or a team mascot charm!) either to the center ofthe Mum or onto one of the pieces of ribbon.
  6. The pipe cleaners come in all colors now. Form the number of your favorite player or simply the first letter in the team name, for example a green J or NY for the NY Jets or a blue or silver D or C for the Dallas Cowboys. Hot-glue the pipe cleaner letter or numbers onto the center of the Mum.
  7. Sew or hot-glue the stem of the Mum to the metal clip and clip onto the headband!

And if you’re a busy Mom who just doesn’t have the time to make headbands, be sure to check out Girls Crochet Headbands selection of pre made Football Flower Clips.  They’ve got plenty of colors and styles to match your teams colors! Whether your favorite team is your child’s school, NFL or college team, dressing your little girl for the occasion can be a fun and easy DIY project. Be ready for game day with these team color football flower clips and headbands!



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