Top Names for Baby Girls and Their Meanings

itsagirlSo you found out you are having a baby girl. What a sweet and exciting surprise and blessing. Choosing a name for your precious baby girl can be one of the most fun you can have while you are pregnant; the choices are limitless.  So how do you choose?  Here are a few of the top 100 girls names and steps you can take to figure out how to name your baby girl.

Your family heritage can play a big part in naming your child. After all, you want the baby’s name to reflect the combination of you and your partner’s families. Most ethnic names come with meaning behind them such as strength of character or personality. Here is a breakdown of names by Irish, German, Native American, African-American and American ethnicities for example:

The five most popular Irish names for girls today are:

  1. Chloe, Gaelic for “young green shoot; blooming”
  2. Aoife, the Gaelic form of the name Eve, meaning “warrior princess”
  3. Sarah, the meaning or origin of the Hebrew name for “Princess”
  4. Ciara, origin Saint Ciara, Tipperary, 679 a.d., meaning “dark haired beauty”
  5. Niamh, the Gaelic name for “bright,” from the legend of the Princess of the land of Promise who left with Ossian for the Otherworld

The top five German names for baby girls:

  1. Adela, meaning “noble”
  2. Amalie, which means “industrious”
  3. Cosima, chosen by celebrities Claudia Schiffer and Sofia Coppola, meaning “musical”
  4. Domino, a boy or girl’s name meaning “lord” or “master”
  5. Ebba, from 17th century Germany and Scandinavia, meaning “strong”

Top baby girls’ names for Native American heritage:baby portrait ideas

  1. Aiyana, means “forever flowering”
  2. Amayeta, means “abundance”
  3. Una, which has Irish roots, means “one”
  4. Rosine, a form of Rosa, meaning “rose”
  5. Minal, from the Delaware tribe, meaning “fruitful”

Top African-American names for baby girls:

  1. Abrianna, a form of Brianna, meaning “noble, strong, virtuous”
  2. Jalicia, a form of Alicia, meaning “sweet”
  3. Laetitia, with Latin roots, means “joy” and “happiness”
  4. Shaquand, means “spiritually intense”keepcalmgirl
  5. Kasmira, meaning “famous destroyer”

Top names for baby girls in the U.S.:

  1. Emma, meaning “universal”
  2. Olivia, which is Greek for “olive tree”
  3. Mia, meaning “rebellion”
  4. Emily, means “hard working”
  5. Charlotte, which in French means “tiny, feminine”

No matter what your heritage, be it Irish, Germanic, Native American, African American or another ethnicity, there is nothing more important than the name you bestow upon your child. It should reflect not only where she came from, but embody the future you wish for her to have growing up.

Picking a name for your baby isn’t limited to her first name; one way to choose her last name is by hyphenating the last names of the mother and father. Some couples today who keep their own names after marriage are deciding to literally combine the two parent names, forming a whole new name that is both personal and meaningful to both mom and dad. Whatever method you use to choose your baby girl’s name, the idea is to form a lasting and memorable bond between your baby and her loving new family.



  1. Erica says

    Great article. Our girl is Addison Marie. I’ve always loved the name Addison and Addi for short and her middle name Marie is after my mom.

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