Five Creative Ways to Dress Up Lace Rompers for Baby Portraits

Plain-Jane as they may be to some people, simple and stylish pieces that stay in style from year-to-year are a creative mom’s best friend. For those of us who love creating new looks for ourselves and our little girls, this comes quite naturally, but others need a bit of a nudge to get them thinking of different ways they can use items such as our baby lace rompers.

Little kids grow so quickly, so when budgets are tight, it’s essential to limit the number of pieces of clothing in your daughter’s wardrobe. Here are some baby portrait ideas that incorporate our lace rompers and some fun accessories.

Idea #1- Dress your daughter in one of our infant girl lace rompers, place her on her tummy and attach three flower clips to the back of the romper, either across her rear or the small of her back. Use flowers in a color that contrasts with the romper, and use one or two colors to vary the look. This wouldn’t be too comfy for wearing, but makes a great photo of your sleeping babe.

Idea #2- One neat idea that won’t cost much is to raid your closet for props. Choose a fluffy, feathered boa in a contrasting color, or a printed or patterned scarf that has a hint of the romper’s color in it. Either tie the scarf around her waist, drape it around her shoulders or use it in place of a headband.

Idea #3- Go vintage by adding pearls and using an off-white romper. Add a crocheted headband with a few large flower clips and you’ve got yourself a sweet girl who looks like she’s just stepped out of a different era.

Idea #4- For cool weather photo shoots, use leg warmers to add style and function. Choose a complimentary color or one that contrasts with the romper. Be sure to add a headband or hat in a color that ties the look together.

Idea #5- Show some spirit by dressing her up in colors that are meaningful to you. Red, white and blue is always a winning combo, as are your alma matter’s colors. Or maybe you want your little one to be a die-hard (fill in your favorite pro sports team name here) fan. For the background, use a blanket with the team’s logo, or a solid piece of fabric in a contrasting color.

Give one of these a try for your daughter’s next photo shoot. And don’t forget to send in her photo to enter our monthly photo contest!

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