Seven Tips for a Safe and Healthy Halloween

Halloween offers the perfect chance to dress up your little cutie and show her off, but it also means she’ll be given oodles of sugary treats, be out walking on sidewalks after dark and among dozens of strangers.

Trick-or-Treating Safety Staying out late, filling bags with candy is something kids anxiously await all year long. Make sure it’s a fun night by following these tips:

1. Incorporate reflective props or tape into her costume. You could dress her in a black lace romper, with leggings and a long-sleeve shirt, then add circles of red reflective tape to create a simple and safe, but oh-so-adorable lady bug costume.

2. Hem her skirts so they fall at her ankles. Don’t ruin your princess’s evening by accidentally giving her opportunity to trip on her own dress. Take a few minutes to quickly hem up her costume if it drags along the ground.

3. Test makeup in advance. Be sure to pick up necessary makeup early so you can try it out on a small part of her face. To play it safe, do this Friday after she gets home from school so that if she has a reaction, she has the weekend to recover from it.

4. Stock up on healthy Halloween candy or toys to swap for regular candy. Don’t throw out the candy; turn this into a learning and service opportunity and send your extra candy to our troops by following the directions at


Halloween Parties If your daughter is in school, or your friends are looking to host a Halloween party, offer to pitch in and help with the food. While it will be a bit of work for you, it’s something you can do to positively impact kids’ health.

1. Think produce. Serve carrot sticks, topped with black olives and serve with a yogurt-based ranch dip. For easy serving and eating, place dip on the bottom of a drink cup and put the veggie sticks on top. Freshly sliced apples, served with a cream cheese, brown sugar and cinnamon dip are also kid-pleasing favorites.

2. Provide healthier options for sweets. Make a few batches of healthy no-bake cookies, cut into squares and decorate with a bit of orange icing to keep things festive. Or make pumpkin pie spiced granola or muffins made from pumpkin puree and applesauce for a season-appropriate treat.

3. Plan active party games. Do some internet searching to find games that get the kids up and moving such as Musical Pumpkins, Skeleton Scavenger Hunt and Capture the Ghost from Have a safe and happy Halloween! Healthy Halloween candy kids health

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