Free Ornament Storage From Repurposed Containers

It’s a costly, time-consuming task — organizing decorations. If you’re one of the many who dread the last bells of Christmas for this reason, take heart. Learn how to store decorations for free using containers already hiding in your fridge, your cupboards or in your recycle bin.

Egg Cartons

Nestle those small glass Christmas balls and specialty ornaments inside a plain old egg carton as you take them off the tree this year. Whether your carton is cardboard or foam makes no matter — both provide excellent protection for the individual ornaments stored inside.

Disposable Cups

Implore guests to save those disposable plastic cups as they mingle at your holiday party. When the festivities end, collect the cups, wash them out and use them to line the bottom of a large storage container. Store single glass ornaments, ropes of beads, ornament hooks and more inside each one. Once they’re full, cut a piece of heavy cardboard to lay across the top and use the space it creates to stow tinsel, ropes of lights and the door wreath.

Coffee Cans

When you’re at a loss for storage and organization ideas for those oversized, specialty glass ornaments, wrap each one carefully in newspaper, tissue paper or paper towels and slide it gently inside an empty coffee can. You might also reuse any packing peanuts or bubble wrap that has accumulated from your online shopping ventures. Best of all — make your cans do double duty when you wrap light strings around the outsides and use two pieces of tape to keep them in place.

Space Bags

Keep the space bags close by when you unpack the winter clothes and use them to organize holiday decor like tablecloths, table runners, tree skirts, wall hangings, placemats, napkins and tea towels. Wash everything thoroughly and stack them gently inside space bags. Vacuum-seal them and tuck them safely away in the bottom of a plastic bin.

Shirt Boxes

Most families are left with an abundance of this type of gift box after the day has passed. Use them to store Christmas cards and photos that friends and family send you. If you’re not the sentimental type, use them to organize your extra unsent cards and envelopes for next year.

Sauce Jars

If you want to keep your homemade cookie and salt dough ornaments from year to year but you’re afraid they might attract unwanted critters, recycle the jars your spaghetti, pizza and Alfredo sauces come in. Drop the ornaments gently inside and twist the lids on tightly. Your creations will stay mouse- and bug-free until next year.

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