Six Simple Tips for Doing Childrens Halloween Makeup

For little children, a little Halloween makeup goes a long way as part of their costume. You can dress your little girl up in a red lace romper and leggings, add circles of black felt, paint her face red–with a few more black dots–and top it off with a black headband, and she’s got a ladybug costume that cost little to nothing out of pocket.

But for some moms, including yours truly, there’s something about putting makeup a wiggly toddler that makes me want to just forgo this money saving option and buy a mask. Over the years I’ve found some simple makeup tips, by learning how to do Halloween makeup, that now make the process–dare I say–enjoyable:

Test for allergic reactions. You may consider this a given, but it is very important. Decide on the makeup you’ll use and test it on your child as soon as possible.

Involve your child in the design. Your child will be more willing to cooperate with the process, and not demand that it’s removed, if you let them help decide what their face will look like. Draw a picture and let them give their input and their approval. The last thing you need on Halloween night are tears ruining an otherwise excellent makeup application because they wanted ten polka dots, not twelve.

Do a test run a few days in advance. Practice makes perfect, and this works both ways. You’ll feel more confident when get your child ready for their Halloween party and they’ll know what to expect and, hopefully, be better at sitting still.

Get your child dressed first. To avoid messing up your masterpiece, get your child in as much of her costume as possible, especially anything that needs to go over her head.

Use what you’ve got. In most cases, there’s no need to go out and buy a whole set of Halloween makeup. You can just use what you’ve got on hand. If you need something you don’t already have, head to the dollar store.

Distract them during the process. Turn on their favorite television show, or put in a movie they like, to hold their attention and keep them happy about having to sit in one place for more than a few minutes.

Wash it off as soon as possible. Once you get home from the party or trick-or-treating, head to the bathroom and use some gentle makeup remover to wash of your child’s face to avoid irritation and allow their delicate skin to breathe.

What have you learned about putting Halloween makeup on your kids? Share your tips in the comments!

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