Five Fun Halloween Games for Your Family

5halloweengamesThe Halloween “season” is quite short, compared to the holidays that follow, but why not extend the fun of the holiday by playing fun family Halloween games? Halloween doesn’t have to be limited to October 31, and some years that’s just not practical when kids have homework and parties for school and other community organizations. Here are five games for your family to stay connected and try this year:

I Hope I See A Ghost Tonight- This is one of the best spooky games for kids that I’ve ever played. It requires no set up, requires few props and can be played at a moments notice, plus any adventurous kid will love it. It’s a childhood favorite that my dad taught me, and one that my friends had never before played. Basically it’s a game of hide-and-seek played in the dark, with the person hiding being the ghost. While the ghost hides and counts to the predetermined number, the others walk around–flashlight in hand, for safety–saying, “I hope I see a ghost tonight” until the ghost pops out of his hiding place and tries to capture them before they get to the safe spot.

Halloween Costume Creation Contest- This is a great activity to help your kids develop their imaginations and express their creativity; plus it will save you from having to buy costly Halloween costumes that rarely get worn more than once. Pull out a single colored outfit, like black leggings and a black long-sleeve shirt, and let your kids rummage through your stash of crafting and sewing items, accessories and the dress up box to create their own unique Halloween costume.

Memory- Print out the free word and picture cards from School Sparks and create your own Halloween twist on the classic game. For younger children, use only the pictures; older kids can use just the word cards or match the word to the picture.

Bobbing for Apples- Head to your local apple orchard and spend the afternoon picking apples. Once home, wash the apples, place them in a large bowl and take turns trying to “catch” one with your mouth; no hands allowed! To make the fun last longer, cut the apples up and make some apple desserts.

Donut Eating- While you’re at the orchard, pick up some cider donuts for this fun and delicious game. Attach each donut to a long string and hang it from the ceiling fan or a tree limb. Each person has to eat theirs without the use of their hands. Be sure to get pictures! If you’re little girl is wearing one of our tutus or crochet headbands, don’t for get to enter your snapshot in our monthly photo contest.

Tell us, what are your family’s favorite Halloween games?


  1. Tiffany Witherspoon says

    We love doing cornfield and hay mazes at the pumpkin patch and are always excited to enter costume contests!

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