Three Fall Crafts to Dress up Your Home

If you’re like many crafty moms, the fall colors and the pending holiday season brings out your inner crafter. These fun fall projects will help you get the kids involved as you transform your home into a fall showpiece.

leafturkeyNature Turkeys

Fall crafts with leaves are a great way to incorporate a bit of nature study into your crafting, and kids love collecting the leaves to use for their crafts. A Nature Turkey is one of the fun fall projects that incorporate fall foliage in a colorful craft. Take the kids outside to gather a long, skinny pinecone and a collection of leaves. Then, have your kids fan the leaves out on a piece of cardstock in the shape of a turkey’s tail fan. Glue them in place.

Next, use tacky or hot glue to glue the pine cone on top of the leaves to serve as the turkey’s neck and head. Have your kids place googly eyes on the pine cone, then take construction paper cut out a diamond to serve as the beak, two triangles to serve as the feet and a squiggle to serve as the waddle. Glue those in place and you have your nature turkey.

Stained Glass Leavesstainedglassleaf

For this project you will need clear contact paper, fall-colored tissue paper and black construction paper. Help your kids cut leaf shapes out of the black construction paper. Then, cut out the inside of the leaf shapes for them so all that is left is a leaf-shaped frame.

Next, place the frame on the sticky side of the contact paper. Have the kids cut or tear small squares of tissue paper, covering the inside of the frame with a colorful collage of tissue paper. Finish the project by placing another piece of contact paper on the back side of the design, and trimming the edges of the contact paper off. Now you have beautiful “stained glass” leaves to hang from your window as you celebrate fall holidays.

Fall Leaves Candle Jar

candleleafjarMaybe you are looking for fun fall crafts to do with your kids that can double as hostess gifts for grandma or Aunt Gene who are hosting Thanksgiving dinner. If you have a smooth Mason jar, some Mod Podge, silk fall leaves and a paintbrush, this simple craft is easy to complete.

First, wipe off the jar. Then, help your kids peel the stems and branches off of the leaves. Cover the jar with a layer of Mod Podge using a paintbrush. Then, press the leaves onto the jar, one at a time. Cover each leave with Mod Podge before you move to the next one, so they can overlap if you want. Make sure the entire jar is coated with Mod Podge, leaves and all, when you are done. Add a second layer once the first is dry, if needed, then put a candle inside.

Fall crafts can really bring a family together. consider trying one of these fun fall projects with your kids this year!


Photo Credit: Top Image –  NatureNet ; Middle – Spoonful ; Bottom – Gingerbread Snowflakes

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