Five Movies to Watch with the Family this Winter

fivemoviesChilly air, snow on the ground, a warm house and fresh baked goodies are the perfect accompaniments to a family movie night. Fewer things get the kids excited than to be told to get into their pajamas & leg warmers, grab their favorite blankets and stuffed animals and gather down in the family room for a movie. While the kids old movies are great, it’s always fun to revisit a few movies that I loved as a kid. Here are five movies for kids that we plan to watch this winter:

Home Alone- This is a classic that parents who were kids in the 80s and 90s will fondly remember as they watch Kevin McCallister in action while he defends his house from two burglars after his family leaves for an international vacation without him. For added entertainment, pick up the two sequels and have a Home Alone movie marathon.

It’s A Wonderful Life- Did you know that there’s a short video clip of this timeless holiday favorite in each of the three Home Alone movies? If you have family movie night regularly, work in this beloved story about how George Bailey learns an important lesson from an angel. Kids might balk at the thought of watching a movie that’s quite possibly “older than grandma and grandpa” but chances are, they’ll come to love it.

Miracle on 34th Street- Although this movie is better for kids who already know the truth about Santa–or else you’re gonna have some explainin’ to do–this sweet movie shows how a little girl comes to believe in Santa once again.

Little Women- This movie tells a Civil War-era story, is based on a novel of the same name, and is a must-watch during the winter. Both boys and girls will love watching the five March sisters and their mom handle life while Father is off fighting in the war in a time that’s vastly different from ours.

I’ll Be Home For Christmas- Staring the teenage heartthrob of the late 90s, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, this hilarious movie follows college student Jake as he tries to get back home in time for the family’s Christmas Eve dinner in order to get a vintage car that was promised to him by his father. Unfortunately, a rival who’s got his eye on Jake’s girlfriend does all that he can to make sure Jake doesn’t get home in time.

Need more titles? Check out the nice lists at Momtastic and Parenting, to get you started.

What are some must-see movies for kids in your home during the winter? Which ones make you nostalgic and long for those carefree days of years gone by?

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