Four Ways to Cure Winter Boredom

winterblogI don’t know how it is at your house, but at ours the onset of winter comes with more time spent indoors and at home. Of course this is all good and well, I love my family, but when the kids start whining that they’re bored, I can’t help but long for summer when they can occupy time outdoors for hours on end and let the house stay clean for more than twenty minutes at a time. While we could put them to work folding the baby’s rompers and leggings, here are four activities that they find more enjoyable:

  • Make holiday greeting cards and thank you cards. If boredom sets in early in your house, whip out some colored paper, stickers, rubber stamps, scrap booking materials and markers and let the kids get busy creating one-of-a-kind holiday cards to send out to family and friends. The holidays are past? No problem, you can never have enough “thank you” cards. For added educational and life skill benefits, have them address and stamp the envelopes.
  • Bake treats for the neighbors. Hand over a few cookbooks–with photos–and let the kids choose which ones they’d like to make and deliver to your neighbors. Take them shopping and then spend a day baking with them (or if they’re old enough and skilled in the kitchen, let them have at it). Once everything is cooled, arrange them on sturdy paper plates, wrap them well and deliver to neighbors.
  • Give them some DIY craft kits. If you’re looking for some kids winter crafts, head to your local craft store and you’ll find dozens of kits that introduce children to bead-work, knitting, plastic canvas, stenciling and the like. Pick up a few that you think would interest your kids and are at their ability level. You’ll probably need to get the kids started on these, but once they get the hang of the activity, they’ll be to immersed in it to forget their boredom. And if your kids really enjoy these craft kits, be sure to stock up when stores put these on clearance in late December and you’ll get them for a fraction of the retail price.
  • Plan themed days. With a little preparation, you can plan themed days, or afternoons, where kids dig into library books to learn about something such as winter holidays around the world. Check out a dozen books, search the internet to learn about China’s Spring Festival and the Hindu festival of Diwali. Learn to make one of their traditional foods or do a related craft project.

Tell us, in the comments below, what are your family’s favorite kids games winter?

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