Four Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

giftblogYou’ve put a lot of thought and effort into picking the perfect gift for a special occasion. Have you considered how you’ll present your gift to make the best impression?

Check out these four economical, creative and environmentally friendly gift wrapping tips and tricks, including recycled gift wrap ideas, to get some new gift wrapping ideas you can use this holiday season and for all of your upcoming occasions.

First idea to consider on this list of new gift wrapping techniques: use a material besides standard (and expensive) wrapping paper to wrap your gift. What aboutnewspaper? Wrapping a child’s gift in the funny pages, for example, is an interesting and unique idea – and will only cost the price of the newspaper.

Or try wrapping the gift in plain brown paper or butcher paper, which you can write on and personally decorate as needed to customize the gift for the recipient and occasion. If the kids are giving the gift, they can even draw pictures or place stickers all over the paper to really personalize it. Or for the recipient who’s really going places, wrap the gift in a map for a fun, whimsical presentation.

Second gift wrapping idea: use bits of material or paper to create gift wrap accents. Leftover felt or scrap paper can become flowers, for example. Construction paper can be glued and cut into festive shapes that give a plain package some pizzazz. And that flower hair accessory your daughter has outgrown might make a great gift accent.

But don’t just stick to the fabric box for accent inspiration: the great outdoors is a cornucopia of beautiful (and free) gift accents for the taking. Pinecones and fall leaves both look beautiful attached to a package and can be gathered during a walk outside.


The third option to consider: instead of tape, use other fastening items, such as fabric glue, glue sticks, paper clips, staples or rope. These options add a different dimension to the package and can be more environmentally friendly, and sometimes even reusable.

Finally, don’t forget the gift tags. Fun and creative options to tag gifts include paint chips from the local hardware store, Christmas cards from years past, brown paper packaging and any other pretty paper that would make an attractive tag.

Enjoy your new gift wrapping techniques, and happy wrapping!


Image Source: Lauren Liess

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