Five Tips For Doing A Baby Photo Shoot at Home

Did you know that newborn photo shoots have to be booked four to five months before your baby is born? Many first-time parents don’t realize this until it’s too late. While you may not be able to get a session with a professional photographer, chances are, you can get some great pics of your baby with these tips on how to do a baby photo shoot at home:

going out outfit for baby

Use natural light. Get the best results, no matter how simple or sophisticated your camera is, by taking advantage of rooms with north-facing windows. You’ll get indirect light that’s not glaring or harsh. If you’re taking the photos outside, take advantage of what pros call the Magic Hour: the first hour after sunrise or the two hours before sunset.

Keep clothing simple. Many newborn photo-shoots involve the baby being in her birthday suit, save a cute flower headband or a bright tutu that coordinates with the blanket she’s sleeping on. If Baby is going to be au natural for the pics, make sure that everything her body touches is clean and can be washed when, not if, she does her business on it. Or use a diaper and cover it up with a cute pair of bloomers. For photos of her fully dressed in her holiday best, choose well-fitting clothes and keep the props simple to ensure they don’t distract from your beautiful baby.girls zebra fashion trend

Know which poses you want to do ahead of time. To save yourself from forgetting a pose that you really wanted, make a list (or a board on Pinterest) of all the shots you want to capture. Gather all the props ahead of time and have your list handy when you start your photo session.

Make sure baby is well-fed and sleepy. Take advantage of Baby being “milk drunk” by ensuring she’s got a full tummy, and she should stay in a pretty cooperative mood for her first modeling experience. Keeping the room warm will help her remain in a sleepy state.

Enlist the help of a friend. Even if your partner will be helping position the baby and take the pics, you’ll likely want a few pictures of the whole family together. Also, an extra pair of hands is always helpful when there’s a baby around; your BFF can comfort the baby while you change clothes, and your partner cleans up, after the baby makes a mess!

Have you done a baby photo shoot at home? What are your best tips on how to take photos of babies at home? Tell us in the comments.


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    You do not always need to book 4-5 months in advance, it depends on the photographer you want and their schedule. For example I set aside 2 mornings a week just for potential newborn shoots. I actually welcome short notice newborn sessions as they always seem more exciting and creative for me as a photographer.

    TIPS: Take close up shots of baby body parts like their tiny fingers and toes then take a shot showing the size difference.
    Safety First! Photographers use a lots of tricks in photoshop- please do not try a pose that does not feel safe!!!
    Don’t expect baby to do exactly as you want… enjoy the experience & you will LOVE any shots you get :)


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