Four Stocking Stuffers for Your Little Girls

I don’t know about you, but I find that it’s the stocking stuffers that are the most difficult to buy since they’re small and I need to buy lots of them. The main gifts are easy; for those the kids are nice enough to craft a wish list for Santa which I secretly take a peek at before sending them off to the North Pole. Also stocking stuffers need to be pretty light weight, especially if you’ve got some beautiful no-sew Christmas stockings to fill, and it’s always nice to personalize the contents, which requires a bit more creativity.


To help you out–at least for the girls’ stockings–we at Girls Crochet Headbands have put together four brand new packages that are perfect for putting in their stockings.

Turquoise Bloomer, Leg Warmer and Flower Set-
Your little girl will be thrilled to pieces when she finds these ruffle-laden bloomers and leg warmers in her stocking! The bloomers are adorable under any dress or tunic and the turquoise and white chevron patterned leg warmers will keep her toasty warm. Top off her look with the coordinating white and turquoise flower.


Brown and Pink Bloomer, Tutu top and Flower Package- This color combo is all-the-rage these days, and makes your little girl look oh-so-sophisticated. The set includes brown bloomers with brown-edged pink ruffles across her bottom. The tutu top is a soft petal pink and looks amazing paired with the pink and brown flower clip.

Headband10-piece Lace Headband Set- Can you imagine the look on her face when your daughter finds not one, but ten different colored lace headbands in her stocking this year? With so many colors to choose from, she shouldn’t have any trouble finding one to wear every day of the week. Colors include: yellow, dark blue, pink, white, orange, purple, lime, fuchsia, red and light blue. Each headband includes a loop to which she can attach a flower clip or bow, adding even more versatility to her wardrobe.

Set of 4 Beanie Hats- For all the babies on your list, these classic crocheted beanie hats are the perfect stocking stuffer. They are truly timeless and can be dressed up or down: they look just as good with frilly dresses as they do with leggings and a onesie. Our set includes four staple colors that are in every little girls wardrobe–white, pink, black and red.beaniehat

What do you put in your kids’ stockings? Do you have a tradition or do the contents vary each year?

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