Five Holiday Gift Ideas for New Moms

ideasfornewmomsIs there a new mom on your holiday gift list this year? Perhaps your sister, cousin, friend, colleague or a neighbor has just been blessed with their first child and you want to give them a gift they’ll really love and appreciate. This year I’ve got a one such person on my list, and I’ve come up with a list of gifts that I think she’d really enjoy. Here are five gift ideas for new mom:

Headband and Flower Clip Package- Make it a cinch for Mom to accessorize her baby with an assortment of crocheted headbands with flower clips. These can be mixed and matched to create dozens of possibilities so that Baby has a unique flowered headband to match every outfit in her closet.

Cute Outfits Package for Baby- At Girls Crochet Headbands, we have numerous outfit packages that come with everything Baby needs to look stylish while still being comfortable. You might want to consider going up a size or two when purchasing clothes, especially if the baby’s a newborn, since they probably have a full closet already.

Organizational Folder for Baby’s Documents- It’s not a gift anyone can register for, and certainly one that sounds pretty ho-hum until you see just how neat they look and realize how practical they are. Using an accordion file and decorative file folders, you create a place for Mom to store things like the baby’s birth certificate, hospital bills, insurance information, vaccination books and other baby-related things. Check out the photos and simple instructions at Unoriginal Mom.

“My Favorite Things” Gift Basket- This one’s just for mom: create a custom-made gift basket with things she loves like teas or flavored coffees, chocolates or pastries, a new cookbook, some handcrafted soap, nail polish, a new novel. Find a cute basket or box, fill it up with things that she’ll enjoy which can be used when she has a few hours of down-time during Baby’s naps.

A Night of Babysitting- This will certainly be an appreciated gift and allow your gal pal the time to go get her hair done, have dinner with her partner or just do the grocery shopping sans Baby and all her accouterments. You can either do the babysitting yourself–offer to go to her house to make it as hassle-free for her as possible–or pay for a sitter if you’re running short on time.

What are your favorite gift ideas for new moms? Give us more ideas in the comments!

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