Cute Baby Portrait Outfit Ideas

baby portrait ideasAre new pictures of your baby girl on your to-do list but you’re just not sure what to dress your little lady in? Whether you’re gearing up for newborn, holiday or your monthly “look how much she’s grown” photos, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas to last for her next few photo shoots. For your inspiration, here are our favorite baby portrait outfit ideas that can work for both your little and not-so-little girls:

We love these because they can be used on their own (they look especially great when worn sans clothes for newborn photo shoots) and they can be used with other pieces for an awesome layered look. Other ideas include:

  • Pairing the tutu with a tight fitting top for a ballet-inspired look, wear tights or baby leg warmers and go barefoot.
  • Wearing the tutu over a pair of contrasting leggings for a funky look; wear a coordinating flower headband to complete the ensemble.
  • Putting the tutu over a onesie, place a tiara on her head and give her a princess wand for pictures that will be treasured for years to come.

Lace Rompers
These are all the rage right now and are great because they’re an all-in-one solution to the “what’s she going to wear” question. Dress your daughter in one of these, pull her hair up and secure with a big bow or flower clip and give her a long strand of beads or fake pearls for an adorable vintage look.

Tutu Tops
These pair wonderfully with patterned or printed leggings since the tutu tops are solid colors and are simple but elegant. For a different look, use a ribbon or string of beads to create a halter-style top which fastens around her neck. And of course, these look oh-so-girly when paired with a matching tutu and accompanied by lots of glitter!


With all the ruffles over her bottom, you’ll be tempted to take more pictures of Baby’s backside than her front! For young babies, these are great on their own; no top and just a pair of bloomers covering her diaper. With older girls, you can pair it with a onesie or tunic in a complimentary color. Baby bloomers also work well with dresses; be sure to get a few photos with those ruffles poking out from under the dress as Baby crawls away or crouches down.

What are some of your favorite ways to dress your little girls? Give us more ideas in the comments, please!

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