The Christmas Dress-Up Tradition

RedRomperChristmas is a time for family and tradition. It’s also the time of year filled with many special events in schools, churches and communities, which means, for many of us, our family Christmas traditions involve playing dress-up at some point or another. Some of us will play Santa Claus, an angel or an elf, some of us will scour store racks for the ugliest sweater we can find, but the majority of us who dress for the holidays just need to aim a touch above our everyday wear.

When it’s time to dress up, your little girl should get to shine just as much as you do, and a few simple adornments can make your little one a sparkling star on the Christmas scene.

Dressing for Festivity

Dressing up for the holidays is part of Christmas traditions all around the world. In Latvia, people dress in the costumes of manger animals to go caroling. In Poland, people dress as wise men or animals to bring small gifts for Christmas Eve dinner. In Sweden, just prior to Christmas on St. Lucia’s Day, girls dress as the young saint in white gowns with candle hats, while boys dress as “star boys” or gingerbread men for processions.

Playing dress-up at Christmas is often done with a purpose, to celebrate the historic and mythological figures that give the holiday its meaning in different cultures.

Dressing for the Season

As we all know, not all holiday season dress-up is celebration-specific, though. When our Christmas traditions involve holiday concerts, parties and dinners, we just put on our most festive apparel to do the season up right. Retailers stock the shelves with party dresses, vests and holiday wear for adults and older children. When you are looking for those accessories that bring your Christmas outfits to life, though, it can be harder to find ones for your infant to toddler-age girl.

Christmas Zebra Loopsy Loo Hair Bow, 4_

At GCH, we’ve got the Christmas accessories that will help your little girl shine this Christmas season. For the smallest girls, try our crochet or lace headbands to add a touch of style without any clips. For older girls, our Christmas Zebra Loopsy Loo Hair Bow or Santa Hair Clip will be a good fit for letting her Christmas spirit shine.

If you have an active little one who doesn’t do well in fancy dresses, our Red and Green Romper Package is the perfect alternative to a dress she won’t want to keep on, giving her freedom to play and move about.

Dressing up for Christmas is part of what makes the holiday a little brighter. With our Christmas and year-round accessories, there’s no reason to leave even the littlest girls out of the fun and tradition.


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    Thanks you so much for providing this amazing details. Kids are looking really nice and cute by wearing this red dress. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


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