Make 2014 A Year to Remember with Family New Years Resolution’s

2014It’s that time of year again: time to make your 2014 resolutions. As a parent and business owner, I have specific goals that I have set out for myself this year; probably much like yourself. I am committed to exercising at least five days a week, reading two books a month and taking specific actions to make my business more successful. Usually resolutions are an adult activity, but this year our family is setting some resolutions that we can work on together to bring us plenty of quality time as a family.Check out two ways in which you can do this -

List of Resolutions

This takes the traditional form of a list of resolutions that you want to make as a family unit. Try to include a mix of things that will be quick-wins (crossed off in a few weeks or less) and some longer term goals so that you see success and stay motivated all year long. Your sample list might look like this:

1. Make the dinner table a technology-free zone.

2. Reserve Saturday’s for family activities only.

3. Declare every Friday night to be pizza night, eaten in the den while watching a movie.

4. Declutter and redecorate the play room.

5. Sell old items on eBay and use money for the family vacation.


2014 Bucket List

Your probably familiar with bucket lists, and these are often done by season or month, but they’re often too jam-packed with activities that few people ever complete them. If you’ve had this experience, and even if you haven’t, give a year-long bucket list a try. Fill it up with as many activities as you think you can realistically accomplish in a year. For some this might be 12, 24 or even 52 activities. Be sure to include plenty of free and inexpensive things so that you don’t find yourself breaking your budget in the name of family fun! Our family’s bucket list includes:

1. Making a snowman the next time it snows.

2. Handcrafting this years’ Valentine’s Day cards and making extra for local nursing home residents.

3. Allowing the kids to run a lemonade stand during our garage sale and using the profits to buy school supplies for underprivileged kids in the community.

4. Having a picnic at a state park.

5. Creating Halloween costumes from scratch, using old clothes, tutus and other household items.

6. Organizing, and taking, a weekend-long camping trip with the extended family.

Don’t these seem like so much fun? Choose one and gather the family together to work on it tonight! Have you tried this with your family before? Share with us your ideas, tips and successes in the comments!

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