Our Top 5 Picks: Best Apps for New Parents

1:9blogpostFrom the safest gear to the hottest toys to the cutest clothes and accessories , new parents are faced with an overwhelming amount of information. The next generation of techies and their parents has plenty of options when it comes to apps. Here are our picks designed to help babies as they grow and learn. Even better? They just might make life a little easier for Mom and Dad, too!



A good night’s sleep is priceless for most new parents, which makes the steep price tag of this app a bargain. MagicSleep recreates the sounds and sensations of the womb to create a soothing environment. Used by millions of well-rested customers, this proven sleep solution helps parents foster restful and relaxing sleep for babies, not to mention catch some much-needed zzzs themselves. $14.99 For iOS and Android.

Baby Pack & Go – To Do & Travel Packing List

strollerPacking for a trip with a baby often feels like a losing battle, but get ready to start winning with Baby Pack & Go. Featuring a master database of hundreds of baby-related items, as well as both pre-set and customizable packing and travel checklists, this app offers everything you need to eliminate that annoying 7:30PM run to the store. Easily email and share lists between devices and family members to manage all of your baby travel needs. $.99 for iOS and Android.


Baby Sign and Learn

Many parents wish their babies could just tell them what they needed. While you’ll have to wait a little longer to hear those first dulcet words, babies can start signlearning to sign as early as six to eight months. Recommended by speech therapists, Baby Sign and Learn makes communicating fun and rewarding for both parent and child. We love the adorable animated characters, video demonstrations, and colorful flash cards that make Baby Sign Language an entertaining way to master a comprehensive selection of baby’s first sings. For iOS and Android




Babies’ brains are hard at work making connections even when they’re in the womb. The Sparkabilities-Babies 1 app is designed to help them continue to developfrom the moment of birth through the end of the first year, with additional levels offered as they grow and mature. Sound effects, music, colorful shapes, engaging faces and more help promote sensory property coordination toward the development of foundation learning skills that last a lifetime. $4.99 for iPad.


Disney Storytime

It’s never too soon to foster a love of reading in a child. Disney Storytime brings all of your baby’s favorite Disney stories to life. You can even record a story in your disneyown voice, or personalize an avatar for your child. Cheerful graphics and a huge variety of music and sound effects catch and keep baby’s attention. Free for iOS and Android.

While there’s no substitute for spending quality time interacting with your babies, these Top 5 apps for parents and kids are a terrific complement to shared time together. If you’re looking for apps for girls check out our post Best iPhone Apps for Girls. Grab your mobile device and get connecting!

Tell us in the comments, what are your favorite apps?

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