The Best Crafts for a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

The first birthday of your first child is a big deal so when my baby girl turned 1 I wanted it to be extra special. I had so much fun picking a theme and making the decorations for her birthday party – I LOVE to craft so I went all out. It took some brainstorming, but I settled on a Minnie Mouse theme because I thought it was the perfect baby girl party theme.  I made all the decorations myself from Minnie Memory Jars to  a Balloon Entry Way. It was my first time tackling some of these decorations, but if I can pull it off then you can too!

ABCminniemouseMinnie Memory Jars 

These jars a fun way to show all your guests the growth of your little girl from birth to year 1. I collected 12 mason jars and picked my favorite photos from month 1 to month 12 and put them inside the jars. For some I pasted the picture on a colorful piece of paper with a pattern to jazz it up. I then cut out Minnie ears from fun patterned paper and attached them to a rod that went right in the jar. I finished it up by twirling some ribbon and piling it around the edge of the mason jar.


Minnie Balloon Arch 


For this decoration I went straight to YouTube. There are lots of great tutorial videos on how to makeballoon arches in various styles. I won’t try explaining it myself here because I will probably just confuse you! I modeled mine to have the mouse ears and then used two pink heart shaped balloons to look like Minnie’s Pink Hair Bow.

Classic Minnie Centerpieces 

IMG_3357I used the classic Minnie mouse 3 circles head shape for my center pieces. Supplies you’ll need: spray paint, styrofoam balls, wood rods, ribbon, and small buckets! First I spray painted the balls – for the polka dot ones I spray painted it pink and then used regular paint to paint on the dots. Once dry I connected them using small wood rods to form the head shape. I then used one large wood rod at the base of the largest ball and put it into the bucket filled with something heavy (like extra paint bottles). You can put more ribbon on the top of the bucket to hide what’s in there or completely fill the bucket with flowers or pebbles. This is where you can be creative with the supplies you already have! The finishing touch is a bow tied around one of the ears.

Planning for your baby girls first birthday can be a blast from picking a theme to making the decorations. Once you’ve picked a theme your brain will start flowing with ideas! Or maybe Pinterest will come up with some for you.  I hope my Minnie Themed Birthday Party can give you guidance or inspiration for the next time you need birthday planning ideas. I’d love to hear what kinds of themes you all have had for your little one’s big day, please share in the comments below!



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