DIY Baby Shower Decorations That Will Awe Your Guests

If you are in charge of planning a baby shower for a loved one, you may be a little overwhelmed. After all, you have to come up with plenty of unique baby shower ideas that will make the mom-to-be feel special without breaking your bank. You have already gathered up your list of fun baby shower games and the menu is all set, but now it’s time to delve into baby shower decoration ideas. This is a great opportunity for you to bring out your crafty side to create some stunning homemade baby shower decorations that will add pizazz and oomph to the shower.

mobielesA New Take on the Mobile

Babies and mobiles are almost synonymous with each other (okay, maybe not, but you get the point). But since you want your baby shower to look classy, and not cheesy, you can make your own modern mobiles that will have your guests in awe. For these DIY baby shower decorations, all you need is some cardstock in the colors of the shower, coordinating twine, a hole punch, and an embroidery hoop (between 18-20 inches is ideal). The rest is pretty simple, and you can learn all about it here.

Tissue Paper Dahliaspretty

Tissue paper is a very handy material for all kinds of DIY baby shower decorations, but one of the most stunning is the hanging pom-poms that emulate gorgeous flowers. They are very simple to make and all you need is some brightly-colored tissue paper, floral wire, and scissors. You can get as creative as you want with these depending on how you want them to look. And you can even make coordinating napkin rings to complete the look. Find out the specifics here.

Baby Touches Throughout

Now that all of the large decorations are taken care of, it is time to get creative with the little ones. For example, you can use baby bottles as vases for some inexpensive (or picked from your own garden) bouquets. Instead of just gifting the new mom some cute clothing, you can transform it into part of the decor using a clothesline and wooden clothes pins.

Baby shower decorations aren’t about coming up with the most extravagant or expensive items. It’s about showing the mom-to-be that you wanted to give her the best shower possible and you put a lot of thought and effort into the process. With these baby shower decoration ideas, that’s a mission accomplished.

What other homemade baby shower decoration ideas do you have?

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