Variety: The Key to Stellar Super Bowl Snacks

footballreadyThe best Superbowl snacks aren’t necessarily healthy, but they do qualify as fun. Think finger-food meets 5-star dinner and you’ll have snacks to please the pickiest of party guests. Pulling off the perfect party is easy when you formulate a plan before the day.

Dress for Team Success

It’s not all food and games if you’re the parent of a tiny tot on Super Bowl Sunday. There’s the party outfit to poof, the curls to control and just the right combination of tousled meets team spirit to portray. Opt for football-themed apparel, from leg warmers to flower clips to help your tiniest fan cheer on the right team.

Super-Size the Snack Trays

Finger foods make the best appetizers for your football-themed get-together. Expect the big-screen TV to be the star of the day and plan your treats accordingly. Unless you want grown people eating messy lasagna from the comfort of your couch cushions, keep things simple, yet tasty.


You can’t go wrong with sandwiches if there are guys in the room. They’re an easy appetizer made special when you lay in a huge supply of tweaks to make them extra-yummy.

  • Deli meats — at least five or six kinds
  • Condiments — various types of mustard, mayo and sandwich spreads
  • Bread — go quality on the bread and have at least three kinds to choose from.
  • Fixings — tomatoes, hot pepper sauce, onions, black olives, lettuce, green pepper rings, several types of cheeses, pesto.

Chips and Dip

Variety is the key to a memorable snack table. Set out big, generous bowls of everything from nacho and tortilla chips to pretzels and cheese balls, and don’t forget the dip. Provide at least three-to-five dip options for your guests to delve into, and always remember that salsa is mandatory.


On Super Bowl Sunday, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask your guests to bring along a six-pack of favorite beer, but make sure you have something equally as satisfying planned for the non-drinkers.

Dig out the blender and lay in a supply of shaved ice to make tasty slushies from juice and fresh fruit. Invest in a package of paper cones and use the shaved ice to make sno-cones for your littlest party guests. Of course a selection of favorite sodas is always a good idea as well.

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