How to Organize Your Baby Room – Baby Room Organization Ideas for Creative Moms

Preparing for a new arrival in your home means spending a significant amount of time organizing your baby’s nursery. Baby room organization can be one of the most exciting parts of the prep for a new baby. As you are looking for nursery organization ideas, keep these tips in mind.

Keep Diaper Supplies Handy

Your changing table will get a lot of use in the coming months. Create a storage option that keeps diapers, wipes and cream within arm’s reach. Shelving near or under the changing table or a large basket on it are good ideas. The key is to ensure that you don’t have to leave baby unattended as you reach for a diaper or a fresh wipe during those middle-of-the-night changes.

Label the Closet

As you are hanging up those adorable little girl rompers or little boy overalls, consider investing in some tags that you can use to label the clothes by size. Then, hang the clothing in size order with the hanging tags showing where one size stops and the next starts. This will save you time when you are trying to dress a baby and need to find an outfit in the next size up.

Keep Toys Accessible

As you are considering how to organize your baby room, remember that your sweet baby is going to grow into a curious crawler and an adventurous toddler. Plan a place for books and toys that will keep them accessible to those small, curious hands. Open shelving where toys can be displayed and ready to be played with or see-through storage bins, like metal baskets, are good choices.

Add Closet Shelving

Most closet are made for adult-sized clothing that needs to hang down quite a ways. Baby clothes don’t. Add some shelving or drawers underneath the hanging rod to give more space to store extra supplies, blankets, clothes in the next size up and toys that your baby will eventually grow into.

Use the Space Under the Crib

You can store quite a bit in that space under the crib. Purchase a big storage box for your extra diapers and wipes, then slide it under the crib. The crib skirt will keep it out of site, and those needed supplies will be kept handy. You may even find there is enough room under there to store your portable play yard, keeping it out of sight but accessible for those inevitable trips to grandma’s house.

Organizing your nursery is a great way to pass the time while you wait for the coming arrival of your newest baby. With these nursery organization ideas, you can create a welcoming and organized environment for your little one.

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