Nine Must-Read Blogs About Love

blogs on loveAround Valentine’s Day, everyone’s thoughts turn to love and relationships. Whether you’re marriage or relationship is sailing smoothly or one that has seen a few more waves in recent times, we can all benefit from reading books, blogs and magazines to learn how to be a better partner. Here are some of the best love and relationships blogs online today: Project Happily Ever After- With a book of the same name, this blog aims to help readers improve their relationships, balance all the stresses of life and live a fulfilling life. 

Engaged Marriage-  Written by a father of three (with a few contributing writers) this blog helps couples work through issues such as finances and time management. Dustin is a huge proponent of couples finding a mere 15 minutes a day–just 1% of your entire day–to spend together in conversation to help build your relationship.
The Dating Divas- Has the romance slipped by the wayside as kids have entered the picture? Or are your already established date nights just an excuse to grab takeout and watch Netflix sans kiddos? This blog has plenty of tips, ideas and activities that will spice up your dates.
Couple Connection- A UK-based site that reports on various stats about relationships, it offers a forum and courses to help couples stay connected when life tries to make them drift apart.
Jen’s Love Lessons- Authored by a communications professor, the blog discusses how to use communication to have deeper, more connected relationships.
Group Therapy-  A blog written by two professionals who have a practice, they write this blog because of their passion for helping others. Content includes the joys, trials and tribulations that come from love and marriage.
Science of Relationships- Ever wondered about the “whys” behind things that happen in your relationship? You’ll likely find the answer, or at least some other really neat explanations of things, at this site which lists more than a dozen scholars on relationships among their contributors.
Simple Marriage- Aimed at helping couples keep their lives simple while growing together as they raise their families, Simple Marriage is written by Dr. Corey Allan, a Marriage and Family Therapist. In addition to regular blog posts, he offers free short e-courses on topics including Simplicity, Marital Communication, Desire Differences and Family Life and Parenting.

Seriously, Maybe- A unique blog in that it’s written mostly towards women, but from a male’s perspective. Read about marriage, sex and love in a way that you probably haven’t before!

So, dear readers…which blogs do you turn to for relationship advice? Share with us in the comments!


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    These all sound like truly remarkable blogs and definitely ones I’ll want to connect with for sure.I haven’t heard of many of these sites. I talk about marriage on my blog just about every Wednesday, and it’s my favorite posts of the week. Dating Divas is definitely one of my favorite sites and resource. Also is another great website. is a good one too. Those are just two of the many list of great marriage websites out there. You’ve chosen some pretty awesome ones yourself. It’s always hard to pick just a few when there are so many awesome bloggers out there trying to make a positive difference. Thanks for sharing your list.

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